Thursday, June 3, 2010

hot kick

With summer on the horizon (not that you can tell around here) and having seen a bunch of solid kicks, my interest in the sneaker world has been renewed. Additionally, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes/ sneakers that I can run at work without looking like I should be wearing a pair of chick jeans and riding a fixed gear. With that in mind, I present my top 5 hottest kicks for the summer feature…

First off are these amazing Nike Air Max 24-7’s. Featuring a bit of the iconic air max 95 combo-ed with the air max 97’s and a 360 air sole - these things will make any shoe freak pee their pants. Although, I probably would not buy them as they are not my style anymore, you must admit they are some seriously hot shit

Second up is these super clean, Puma Penny Rey pieces. Clean design combined with supple leather; these joints are perfect for the summer, and the brown one’s are a must have

With their classic style and simple construction the Nike Blazer’s definitely make the summer list. While I’ve been feelin the blazer low’s and the bruins more these days, these vintage hightops are a classic light weight shoe that’s perfect for chillin and also clockin some miles on your scoot. Check out the slightly yellowed midsole = awesome!

Right on the heels of the upcoming WorldCup comes this killer Adidas Adicup 2010 Germany/ High Snobriety pack. It features the classic Votary shoe in the Germany colorway; which is perfect for summer.

While I’m feeling the Germany models, I also have to mention these bangin Argentina coloway Adicup’s as well; soo hot. Incidentally, Argentina is my pick to win the world cup (after France of course)!

Last but definitely not least is these super clean Puma Benny’s; perfect for the upcoming summer daze when you are hanging at a bbq trying to impress that cute girl across the way. Yeah, your selvage denim will turn em blue but these definitely make the summer list


Anonymous said...

Dude i almost bought the 24/7's in san Diego. $160 usd. Nice kicks.

Anonymous said...

Yo Nick you should post the new adidas commercial on here the one with snoop and david beckem its too funny lol