Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Glove

Back in the day, I used to really dig on the NBA and especially the New York Knicks. I’m talking the Starks, Anthony Mason, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson days; I loved it. During this time, one of the greatest shit talking defenders played the game for the beloved Seattle Sonics; Gary “the glove” Payton. Yeah, the glove played for a few different teams over the years, including the Lakers but to me he defined the Seattle Super Sonics at that time - as Seattle had some bangers, with Gary, Shaw Kemp and big smoof, Sam Perkins all on the team.

The Glove doin what he did best; crap talk

Now all these years later, my nephew Rajan is backin “the Glove” hard, and as the young buck just had surgery yesterday I thought I would throw out a Glove hype up post for him. dig it Rajan!

trash talkin the greatest player of all time, oh yes he did.


snowone said...

the Perkolater was my fav...

Anonymous said...

Yes i can dig it