Monday, April 26, 2010

new domepiece

Josh at old school helmets killed it on my new helmet; a green metal flake Fulmer V2 pinstriped with my lucky "32" on it, thanks doot!

if you are in the market for a new domepiece, striped the way you want it. hit up Josh and the boys at ol school helmets

Thursday, April 22, 2010

now thats a recession sale

looks like the recession has affected even the most profitable business, as the homies at Underworld skate shop are clearin em out! get in there fella's!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

should have left it stock vol.8

when i came across this thing today the first thing i thought was "is that a fu*#ing rocket?" unfortunately, i was wrong and the vehicle was some sort of hybrid tibron wing meets accord kit, crossed with a subaru legacy, bonkers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

snow day!

with a reno, work, so so conditions and family busyness, its easily been my worst season of snowboarding in the past 5 years. That being said i tried to make up for lost time and took the fella's up for some shred action the other day. Once again, Mount Seymour was the place to be, as it was sunny, slushy and freakin fun

the boys and i. definetley a rough crew

after about an hour learning how to shred again, the fellas were over it and focused on snow ball fights, and chillin on the chairlift

that's one good looking group

Thursday, April 15, 2010

rain ride

today i got caught out in the rain, and while i would usually be pissed, it was actually pretty fun. Sure, i was soaked to the bone, and the bike looked like shit afterwards, but the whole thing was a surprisingly good time. ahhh life in vancouver, its great!

i really should have taken a shot of my jeans, as i was fu*#in soaked

the ol bandana on the forks thing actually worked, thanks west eagle dudes!

new helmet? check

this one's for blog fan number 1, johnny boy. ol brad pitt runnin things with on a dope hog, wearing a slick gold flake biltwell / fulmer style open face helmet. guess you're gonna have to order up a gold one j-man!

thanks to matt at the oldepro for the vid!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

too good

jacked from the good peeps at moto monday this pic is too good not to share

i remember when i was a kid and thought danny devito would be the raddest dad. now i know it for sure..

Monday, April 12, 2010

livin the dream

Johnny boy and I did a full pull riding around the city the other day. rippin it up, and keepin it classy at the same time. to cap it off, J-man and i hitup 4th ave for easily the best coffee in the city; 49th parallel. Ohhh yeah, that shit was the best

yeah, it probably cost Johnny boy $19 for two coffee's, but that cup of coffee my friend was pure awesomeness.

livin the dream my friends...

how was the olympics?

how was the olympic's and the accompanying parties in Vancouver, you ask? well, this photo sums up the event perfectly


should have left it stock vol. 7

things have been slow on the should have left it stock front for a while. that was until the sun finally came out the other day; i even saw a hot pink prelude and a hyundai sonata with an f40 wing in the same afternoon! it was awesome

now, the wife and i came across this beauty the other night. Imagine when homeboy got this thing going, "i want a kit, yeah a kit. i want it to look like something outta gran tarismo; you know huge front lights, and a gold paintjob, yeah gold. this thing is gonna be hot"

yeah, i know it probably goes 200 mph, but really. whats the point?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

blowin it

after enjoyin a great ride with Johnny boy, i took off and did some killer dirt burnouts on the bike. after that i got a little cocky and laid some huge patches on the pavement, it was awesome. yeah, "i'm the man" i thought, that was until i noticed that i blew the clutch on the bike, shit!

Red Light Burnout from Bolts Action on Vimeo.

should've left it to the pros