Thursday, August 27, 2009

proddy pick

i used to have a one piece snowsuit when i was a kid. it was awesome, never had snow up my back & i never got cold. Due to that suit i have always had a soft spot for one pieces, the only problem is unless you are 4 years old you look like an idiot in one. until now.... product pick for the upcoming shred season is the burton one piece shred outfit. its a one piece unit, but the fit and look is that of a separate pant and jacket setup. so awesome that i may have to hook it up. good on ya burton

nico mueller rocking the one piece, i told ya it was slick

little project

jacked this pic from the chopcult forum as i just love this helmet - reminds me of the ol martini racing porsches. now on the search for an ol school buco, or shoei helmet, anyone got a full face one in medium that they would like to sell?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


all around good guy Jeremy Jones posted up a pic of my kid's little trike on his blog; which also got posted on the Burton website. Jai was so excited to see his hog in webworld that he almost peed his pants when he saw the pic. Plus i have noticed a ton of traffic to my blog which all appears to be coming from the Burton & JJ's blog sites. thanks doot, much appreciated.

Little red trike, so awesome!

Monday, August 24, 2009

land or death!

saw the movie CHe over the weekend, and just had to give it a hype up on the blog. For those of you who may live in a hole; Che is the story of revolutionary Ernesto "che" Guevarra who (along with Fidel Castro and crew) launched a military revolution to overthrow the currupt Government of Cuba.
Now the movie "che" features Benecio Del Toro in the role of CHe, and he does an absolutley amazing job. His portayal of one of the most influential people in history is brilliant, and everything from the style to the chronic asthma that Che suffered is spot on.
as for the movie, it is amazingly shot & Steven Soderberg really put together a epic flick. yep, its long (4 hours +) and some parts are slow so if you have ADD you'll think it sucks. but for those who dig brilliantly shot film with amazing acting you'll dig it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

bike show 09

loyal blog followers will recognize my annual gastown bike show post, and this year we hit it up again. it was a beautiful day in Vancouver, sunny, and warm just awesome. here's my pics of the day

on the way to the show, first shot on the bike!
most of the chops were stretched out monstrosities, but amongst the cheese there was some cool stuff

plus some super cool cafe racers

and some rad classics

really cool triumph, the color reminds me of a pair of burton co2 bindings

Jai throwin up the hell horns, and amrit doin the method man. needless to say, the fellas had a good time

Thursday, August 13, 2009

too good

before mel gibson went bonkers he made some of the most iconic movies ever; the mad max series. yeah, beyond thunderdome was a wack, but mad max and the road warrior were awesome. the family and i grew up watchin the road warrior and there was a time when a to the j and i would be able to recite all of Lord Humougous' lines.
the other day while scouring the interweb i came across this killer piece of work, which shows a couple of classic mad max moments coupled with smaller and smaller from Faith no more. If you didn't know, the track smaller and smaller comes from FNM's brilliant album, Angel Dust. Angel Dust was ahead of its time when it was released, and many did not get it, me, i loved it. Hear it now, and you will be able to note what an amazing album it actually was. enjoi!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

sunday riders

nanny boy enjoyin the ride on a cool chill sunday evening. We hitup the local gas station for slurpees with the kids and some mellow riding, good times for sure.

the ol bro running it with no jacket, pants or gloves. straight crazy style

Saturday, August 8, 2009

should have left it stock vol.5

nothing says "i mean business" like a lilac colored NSX, with sleepy pop up lights and a kit. I really don't care if this thing can do 200 mph, homeboy really should have left it stock

Thursday, August 6, 2009

damn you nike.

redesigned, and a ton less bulky that past incarnations; the p-rod 3's are a pair of shoes that may break my pact against buying anymore sneakers. In the past, i always swore off the p-rods as they were so fat and bulky, but after checking out these new versions i am definetley backin the new design and the black and red bulls colorway, c'mon? those things are shit hot

hell yeah!

matt from the oldepro put up a killer DIY instruction guide for installing a solo seat on your sporty. now, a ton of sites have featured a "how to install a solo seat on your hog" article, but Matt lays it down for all of us sporty riding cats who have always wondered how to do it the right way. And yes, Matt i also agree with you. running springs on your solo seat just looks wack