Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the haut dog

now, i really really like hot dogs. i cant say i love them, but i really like em. one person that loves them is one of my favourite actors of all time, Christoper Walken. Check out his essay on the hot dog

Do you enjoy eating hot dogs? I hope you won't be put off by my frankness when I tell you that I absolutely love them. In fact, I enjoy no food item more than a freshly-boiled hot dog.

Now, I've done a lot of movies, and it's true that I've worked with quite a few celebrities who did not share this opinion. I'm sorry to say that these people have always angered me. There are two types of people in this world: those who eat hot dogs whenever it is possible to do so, and those who opt to do other things with their free time.

Who do the latter think they are kidding? What pastime could be more rewarding than the consumption of hot dogs? I haven't yet found one, and I don't expect to in my lifetime.

Unlike other foods, hot dogs can be eaten at any time, in any place, and it is not necessary to cook them. Now, I ask you: Why not eat hot dogs? They are delicious. I carry a bag of hot dogs with me wherever I go. I eat them from the bag whenever I get the urge, regardless of the circumstances. When I make a movie, my hot dogs are my co-stars. If, in the middle of a scene, I decide I want to consume a hot dog, I do so. I waste the director's time and thousands of dollars in film stock, but in the end, it is all worth it, because I enjoy eating hot dogs more than I enjoy acting.

This bothers some people. I was supposed to portray Batman, but when Tim Burton learned of my hot dog cravings, he asked Michael Keaton to wear the cape. To this day, I am peeved about this.

When we filmed The Dead Zone, I ate over 800 hot dogs a day. It was necessary. My character needed to come across as intense as possible, and I found the inspiration for that intensity in my intense love for hot dogs. The director, David Cronenberg, said that he would never work with me again. I kept eating hot dogs when the cameras were rolling, and that seemed to bother him. I say f*ck him. He doesn't even like hot dogs.

I would like to end by emphasizing once again that I really like to eat hot dogs. If any of you people disagree, I loathe you. I despise you. Not only that, but I also despise all your loved ones. I want to see them torn to pieces by wild dogs. If I ever meet you in person, I'll smash your brains in with a f*cking bat. Then we'll see who doesn't like hot dogs.

how can you not love this man?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summers here, are you ready?

considering the shit weather we are having i may have jumped the gun with the title of "summers here." nevertheless, Jai is loving the time off school and is truly livin the dream. Here i present a few minutes in the life of a kid that loves bike rides, candy and summer. enjoy

Untitled from nick p on Vimeo.

the boy's a star

After raving about my new seat the other day i send over a couple of pics to Bill at Biltwell. Next thing you know, Bill being the good dude he is posts em up on the biltwell blog. The best part is that he put a pic of Jai's "biltwell flyer" bmx - Jai stickered his ride up after getting his hands on my sticker pile, and i think it came out awesome. Plus the little fella is super excited at his taste of inner web superstardom.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my bum thanks you

recently i ran into a pothole that almost knocked me clear off my bike. the resulting damage was my seat bolts getting sheared off and a bunch of crap getting knocked loose. as my seat was messed i called up hiro at west eagle to order up another one. Bad news from Hiro as west eagle is closing its doors in california and selling in Japan only. My next choice was biltwell, who recently came out new slimmer seat. Now, i love tuck and roll stitching so the choice was obvious + the people at biltwell are awesome so i have no problems supporting them. How is the seat you ask? bloody comfy my friends, bloody comfy.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Burner

John boy lined up a sweet Saturday afternoon ride with his shop homies. The plan was to roll to Richmond, pick up the boys and then rock it straight to North Van to enjoy the brilliance of 5 guy’s burgers. Sounds awesome, huh

Meeting up at the shop; this was the most entertaining place I have been to in years. I got to ride that Honda 150 in the picture, it was sweet.

Every successful bike ride starts at CT

Following the meal. Note the smiles, 5 guys is boss!

John boy showin his approval of said meal

The ride home was freakin fast.
Again, great ride. Thanks so much fellas – for the rest of the pics click here

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

go Canada!

yes, the Canucks lost the stanley cup, but checkout our Canadian boy Morgan Smith taking a shot at the biggest gig in skateboarding; Battle at the berrics - go Canada!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

slim down...

no my friends, not me - my handlebars. after riding john boys chop the other day i was hyped on his narrow bars. so, out came the hacksaw and i lobbed off 2.5 inches off each side in my attempt to make some lane splitters. now they are not as narrow as some of the wacky shit you see out there, but for me they are perfect. after finishing, i fired up the bastard and went out for a quick run. other than a slightly sticky throttle the bars were perfect. i even filmed the nonsense, so enjoy a couple of minutes of "testing" its a hard life.