Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new bars

yeah i've been laggin on the blog, but its the holiday season and that whole thing has been getting the better of me; oh well. back to the bike build, i'm awaiting the hardtail (yes, still) so i've been busily gathering parts and just got the seat from hiro at west eagle, and the bars from lowbrow customs. i've been backing these bars for a while and they are made by a company called no school choppers - who specialize in tailight/license plate brackets. No school apparently stopped making the bars: aptly named MASTER BLASTERS!!!! but i found a set from the good people at Lowbrow. Seriously, i'm not tryin to get free shit outta these guys, but i have to give them a hype up for their service, and commitment to quality product. these guys got my order shipped out right away and even threw in their new magazine/ catalogue "wierdo". sick! they also have a cool blog thats updated on the daily, check it out! they even raced on the salt flats
Master blasters, i would have bought them just for the name

Sunday, December 19, 2010


got things back on track today by pulling the engine, removing the wheels, swingarm, and shocks. total work time, a couple of hours and i must admit pulling the engine turned out to be easier that i expected (but as heavy as i imagined). also drilled the bottom tree for the headlight, and removed the brake rotors from the wheels.
next steps - sandblasting the tank, powder coat the wheels and get the 1200 engine kit. also, still waiting on the frame from elswick cycles and when that arrives its frame chop time!

actually looks pretty good

my, you are a heavy bastard

Saturday, December 18, 2010

what to do?

so the build up on the bike is going well, with tear down complete and parts getting ordered. While the overall idea of the bike is planned out, the paint is something that i'm havin a ton of trouble with. I spoke with Nan about it and we both agreed that there is no reason to build the same bike as the last, so the flat black colorscheme won't be present. i'm thinkin black and silver, so i did up a couple of ghetto photoshop layouts that will hopefully help. any feedback or other ideas would be awesome

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CAPiTA snowboard of death - a 10 year love affair

10 years ago, one of my favourtie snowboard companies started: Capita. Back then it was Jason Brown, Blue Montgomery, Tyler lepore and a bunch of anticipation for what was to be. as soon as it was available, i ran into Coastal riders and bought one of the first Black snowboard of death 158's that was released. the word was that jason brown himself was pressing the boards at Rev to meet the orders, and i was hyped. My soon to be wife bugged me saying "i think you want to sleep with that thing" as i held the board close to me all the way home. i hit a bit of curve ball and was forced to sell the deck the following season, and have regretted doing so ever since.

ahh the OG Board of death

well, almost 10 years has passed and as luck would have it, the black snowboard of death is mine once again. and yes, my wife asked me again "are you gonna sleep with that thing tonight?"

welome back my friend.

Friday, December 10, 2010

danimal brisse!!!!

yeah, it may seem like i'm hypin up dan "the animal" brisse a bit too much. But seriously, look at this gap - it's 3 floors up and the dood sends it with complete disregard for own safety, freakin nuts.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mooneyes sporties

jacked from the motomonday blog are the two amazing sportsters that you see below. the pics were taken at the world famous mooneyes custom hot rod show in japan and showcase the awesomness of japanese custom bike work


Monday, November 29, 2010

it's kickin off, lads,

so the bike build officially started today with tear down, which went suprisingly easy for some reason. nevertheless, we're getting into the crazy shit as the wiring gives my nightmares. oh well, can't go back now. like my buddy Brandon says "its on, like donkey kong!" check the pics for the crazyness

hopefully i'll be able to put this thing back together

pray for me
ps - in case you are wondering, yes i did change the pictures. as i was too ashamed of those shit phone pics i was running

Monday, November 22, 2010

bangers galore

i've been backing burton shred, Mark Sollars since he first appeared in the crapneto video's back in the daze. since then he killed it with the sandbox crew, and had solid parts every year. For this past year young mark filmed with the transworld snowboarding crew and put together one of the most amazing parts i've seen in a while. the kid rides fast, confident and goes massive off anything and everything; and although this is the remixed version of his twsnow part it clearly is one of the best parts of the year; oh yes, it is.
told ya.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


as you can probably tell i am in full bike mode with the blog lately and with life in general. The ideas are running wild as i plan the next steps with my sporty; the hardtail is on its way and the bike will be getting stripped very soon. During this time, the following bikes are inspiring the build and will probably be reflected in the completed bike in some way shape or form. check out the awesomeness...

chicago willy's panhead. freakin awesome

hide mo co narrow chop. so awesome it deserves two shots

cool hardtail sporty

rapido tank sporty

and kim boyle's amazing 2000 sporty

Sunday, November 14, 2010

new york riding

chopper dave is pretty well known in the motorcycle "scene" for his motorcycles, and blog filled with bikes, boobs and punk rock. he recently put together this great bit of riding footage through the streets of new york. While the music is not really my thing, the footage is awesome, especially from 2:20 on, as Chop Dave and crew put the hammer down. one thing for sure is that the roads are bumpy in new york, and hand shifting is not my thing

Saturday, November 6, 2010

welcome home, my new friend

the family and i made the epic journey to pick up the new bike today. it's got all the wack chrome harley shit that everyone loves, but that doesn't matter as it will serve as an excellent project bike.

the plan is to get the bike looking something like the bikes below;

wish me luck! keep tuned in for updates....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

buzz lightyear! what!!!!!

recently, i spent a few days in england to see my amazing cousin Kam marry a classy dude named, Toby. While enjoying the festivities, I was told a story that was too good to be true. Word was that while out gardening, Toby's Dad actually came across a carrot shaped like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. The story was publized in the news and upon my return i just had to look it up. Click here for the story, and check the pics below for the proof. One thing i have to say is that the buzz lightyear carrot easily eclipses the virgin mary on the toast miracle.

OG buzz lightyear, and the carrot below

heysus! that carrot is a freak of nature!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

time traveller!!!!

the other day, i was reading about this charlie chaplin film that was made in 1929; where it apparently shows a guy walking past the camera using a cellphone. so, a quick youtube search later i find the clip below. check it out, and decide for yourself; time travel, maybe not? but still an interesting vid

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


recently i got introduced to this gonzo mountain bike competition, called the red bull rampage. now these guys are straight up nuts and ride shit that to me is completely bonkers. check out this crazy footage of Gee Athertons run = next level

Friday, October 22, 2010

the arcade fire

while checkin out later with jools holland yesterday, i came across these freakin amazing performances by the Arcade Fire and it reminded me how much i loved the funeral album. start to finish an absolutely amazing album and easily one of the best bands ever (yes, i said it)

for more jools holland brilliance, checkout this killer radiohead performance. banger!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

muy caliente!

i think its clear that other than motorcycles, snowboarding and chillin; i love to eat, and these days there is nothing that i like better than mexican food, peperred with some good quality hot sauce, mmmm.

so the other day, Jai and i are cruising about and come across this place called Chronic Taco located on Broadway and Cambie in Vancouver. First off, this place is easily the cleanest and slick looking mexican place i have ever been to. Next up, it was time to order - Fish burritos are my personal favourite right now and the choice was either beer battered, or grilled(awesome right). Grilled was the choice of the day, served up baja style.

how was it you ask? freakin awesome, and easily the best burrito i have ever had. yes, hipsters will say that budgies off main is better, but i have to disagree. To add to the tasty burrito was the selection of hot sauce's on every table; with my favourite being the gringo bandito, which is offspring frontman, dexter hollands own hot sauce brand.

after checking out the place, the family and i have returned for more on 6 different occassions, and each time its been banger. Yep, the name is wack, but if you dig on good quality mexican food the chronic is where its at.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

dan brisse is a beast!!

I know you’ve heard it before, but seriously Dan Brisse is savage. His part in the new Absinthe flick truly showcases Dan’s insane shred abilities and balls to the wall riding; straight up, it’s truly worth the price of the flick by itself.

In an age when dancing on the rails is the trend, I dig Dan’s fu#$ you approach to jibbing; 100% commitment to every move, with no wavering or hesitation + the guy can also slay a back country kicker.

just look at that gap, freakin bonkers

Overall, Now/Here is a solid flick and I liked it much better than last years Absinthe movie; yep the soundtrack did not work for me, but that usually the way it is with absinthe stuff so what can you do. As for highlights, pretty much everyone has good parts, including an amazing one from last year’s ender Bode Merrill. Also of note is the YES snowboards crew of DCP, JP Solberg and Tadashi Fuse, as they all have killer sections with RDM having his best that I have seen in a while.

for a solid brisse summer edit, check this out
Dan Brisse Summer Camp Full Part

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


our new edition Max. although he doesnt have a crazy eye like the dog in my last post, he's still awesome.

shockingly, my boy even passed on his Nintendo DS today so he could play with Max, maybe i've found the cure to video game addiction.... perhaps

Friday, September 24, 2010

i want a dog

and this guy fits the bill. just look at those eyes, savage!

the hunt starts.... now
pic jacked from the fine folks at the freedom machinery blog

Monday, September 20, 2010


the iron has moved on to a new home. i'll miss you... on to the next one

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

its all got to go!

In order to make room for an upcoming bike project my existing bike has to go. Yes, i know this whole blog is based around this bike and it's all i ever talk about. Nevertheless, it's got to go so that i can pay for my kitchen reno and eventually get another bike. if you are interested or just want to kick the tires, click here fore more

I will also have a ton of snowboard gear up for sale in the next week or two. stay tuned

Monday, September 13, 2010


i got the itch to change up the bike so i ordered up a set of bars that i have had my eye on for some time; a set of biltwell chumps having run a set of frisco's on the bike for the past few months i was looking to change it up a little, but still keep the style, so chumps fit the bill. what's so cool about these bars is that they are narrow in the riser region so they keep the narrow look of the bike + the rise is mellow, so i don't look like i should be running a affliction shirt. check it out

i was thinking about the bars of the past, so check em out - the frisco's

the trackers, ohhh how i loved those bars. maybe i'll bring em back

thanks biltwell!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

its a sale!!!!

Ahh September, i love it. all the new snowboard gear starts flowing into the shops and the new magazines hit the stands; its truly a time to get excited about the upcoming shred season.

and to get you even more excited, the good people at Faceshots are having a sample sale. What does this mean for me? you ask. Well Jerky, it means the best prices of the year on Boards, Bindings, Boots and all the gear you’ll need for the city and the hills this Fall/Winter. check the flyer for more..

well? what are you waiting for get at it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

peter "freaking" line!

Peter line has and always will be one of my favourite shred's of all time. Seriously, i remember wanting his rainbow division 23 board, 4 square kit and killer thirty two pro model boots (i think he was one of the first shred pros to have a pro model boot) just so i emulate his style while on the hill. This youtube vid reminds me why i am such a huge PL fan; check it out and remember, this shit is from 1996, yep 96. nuts eh

no sound, damn your copyright rules youtube!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

should have left it stock vol.9

this thing was nuts, and had all the ingredients that are needed to qualify for a should have left it stock feature: wing - check, kit - check - carbon fibre hood - check, funny headlights - check, tinted windows and sills - check

this ride bears an erie resembalance to vol 7 of should have left it stock, and i know that this dude has probably sank 20 grand into this thing, but even after all that, homie should have spent the money on his techno collection and left it stock

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gastown Show n' Shine Part 3

As is tradition on the blog, we hitup the annual Gastown motorcycle show and shine. While I am not a show bike guy, Nan has been breakin my balls for the past year to enter my bike into the show as there really is no sporty presence whatsoever. So I convinced Johnny boy to join me and we dropped into the show.

Being total newbies to the motorcycle show scene both John and I wondered how the judging worked, and what category we would be put in. To both of our surprise, J-man and I got lumped into the ever popular “bobber” category, and as a result we were in a pretty huge category as everything that didn’t seem to fit the mold got lumped into the same category. Weird classifications aside, Johnny boy pulled out the surprise 2nd place, which was awesome. Again, we were both shocked as hell, but I must say that John’s bike indeed deserved it. The details and the work on his bike are second to none, nice work J-man, you killed it! Until next year Gastown…. I didn't take my camera so john was on picture patrol, testing out his new nikon. nice pics dude

you get the feeling that the sportbike guy likes monster energy drink?

The line-up getting in

Rad sporty

Although it was not my thing, the work on this bike was nuts. It looked like it was right out of a cartoon

johnny’s backing the springer’s

Dig the tank art

These bmw’s were crazy and apparently all owned by the same guy. He brings em in via flatbed, wack.

yeah, yeah I know you’re thinking what’s with the old man bike? But I really dig these things

the bikes!

the bike

To the winner go the spoils!

check the new trend hipsters, 3 pairs of wayfarer's at one time! top that bitches!

a tad harsh wouldn’t you say