Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CAPiTA snowboard of death - a 10 year love affair

10 years ago, one of my favourtie snowboard companies started: Capita. Back then it was Jason Brown, Blue Montgomery, Tyler lepore and a bunch of anticipation for what was to be. as soon as it was available, i ran into Coastal riders and bought one of the first Black snowboard of death 158's that was released. the word was that jason brown himself was pressing the boards at Rev to meet the orders, and i was hyped. My soon to be wife bugged me saying "i think you want to sleep with that thing" as i held the board close to me all the way home. i hit a bit of curve ball and was forced to sell the deck the following season, and have regretted doing so ever since.

ahh the OG Board of death

well, almost 10 years has passed and as luck would have it, the black snowboard of death is mine once again. and yes, my wife asked me again "are you gonna sleep with that thing tonight?"

welome back my friend.


Nose Dradamous said...


nick said...

thanks nose, took it out for a spin the other day, pure awesomeness!

Shralp said...

I love mine. It's such a fun board.