Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new bars

yeah i've been laggin on the blog, but its the holiday season and that whole thing has been getting the better of me; oh well. back to the bike build, i'm awaiting the hardtail (yes, still) so i've been busily gathering parts and just got the seat from hiro at west eagle, and the bars from lowbrow customs. i've been backing these bars for a while and they are made by a company called no school choppers - who specialize in tailight/license plate brackets. No school apparently stopped making the bars: aptly named MASTER BLASTERS!!!! but i found a set from the good people at Lowbrow. Seriously, i'm not tryin to get free shit outta these guys, but i have to give them a hype up for their service, and commitment to quality product. these guys got my order shipped out right away and even threw in their new magazine/ catalogue "wierdo". sick! they also have a cool blog thats updated on the daily, check it out! they even raced on the salt flats
Master blasters, i would have bought them just for the name

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