Friday, February 26, 2010

proddy picks of the season

the other night i got an email asking what type of gear i am backing for this season. Well, i don't consider myself any type of shred scene guy anymore and i could care less about what the kids are loving these days. that being said, i still love snowboard gear and everything about it and for that reason here are my pics for the season. some of the shit might be from a couple of seasons back, but they still deserve the hype up.
board - this year, it's all about the Stepchild powder sucks 158. awesome shredstick for all around shred.

bindings - the much talked about union force, and the burton triads; easily the best bindings on the market

the almighty burton triad, awesome!

maybe its the green, but i just love these things
Boots - my trusty burton jeremy jones boots, 2 seasons on em and they are still dope

jacket - i have been waiting for ages for a good fitting camo shred jacket, and i finally found it. The quiksilver batfox! great fit, and its camo!

pants - my trust burton ronin 2l pants, easily the best pants ever. mine are shredded to shit on the heels, but i still love em. they don't make em anymore, but seriously they were the best

goggles - IS design Staple goggles - i've digged IS design since they were called iris, and the classic little bastards flick. the IS staple goggles are simple, well fitting and awesome; buy em now.

on the flipside of the coin is the SMith I/O goggle. these things are expensive, and awesome. great fit, clarity and they come with a pair of spherical lenses. if you have a couple of extra bucks lying around invest in these, as they are worth the cash.

so thats it, my pics for best product of the season and past seasons. you may agree with my opinion or not, but you know what they say about opinions

the Ride DH; another somewhat unbiased test

We finally got some snow on the local hills and I jumped at the chance to test out my Ride DH deck. Conditions were some seriously wet powder, and some chop here and there. I mounted up the deck with my Union force bindings, as I have been riding them mostly this season and wanted to keep things familiar.

dang, i have some wierd legs

I had heard a lot about the pop stixs, cleave edge and slimewall sidewalls that this board has, and being the naysayer that I am thought it was all bunch of shit. While I can’t really comment on the rest, I do have to say that the pop stix were something. The board just had more snap to it, and was super lively; it was awesome. Having ridden a few rockered decks here and there I just dig traditional camber so much more, as the boards just have so much more snap; and the DH is all about snap.

The deck is marketed as a mid flex deck, and I found that the description was pretty much right on. It’s easy to press and butter around, but without being too soft so that it doesn’t hold up at speed. Additionally, it was stable at speed despite my size.

The other thing that hyped me up on this deck was the base. Ride’s Fusion 4000 base is nuts, and is easily the best I have ridden. Flat traverses were a breeze, and the board just ripped.

Having never ridden a Ride deck before I really did not know what to expect, but after spending a day on it, I was really impressed. The deck is fast, super light and poppy; everything you need for a good time on the hill. I’m sold on it.

And I know what you are saying “would he really say that if he didn’t get the board for free?” honestly, I’ve haven’t considered a Ride deck since the Jeff Brushie pro model back in the day, so odds are that I probably would not have had the opportunity to even ride one. Having ridden one now, I can see why so many back the brand as they make some solid proddy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

i'm a weiner again!

As you may know last year the stars aligned and i pulled off the win for the Ride snowboards SBA7 art contest. yep, it was my 15 minutes of fame and i got a cool g note out of it + a brand new ride snowboard with my graphic on it. Well, the cash came and went, but today i got the best surprise ever when the board you see below showed up on my doorstep. Yep, you may notice that the graphic is different from the design that i did, but this deck is everything that i dig; simple lines and design + i'm hyped on it. the board is based on the ride DH 157, and if we ever get some snow i'll get out there and shred the shit out of it. a huge thanks to all the people at ride, especially Casey Huffman for everything

oh yes! its like christmas, birthdays and all that rolled into one!

here are the original designs that i sent in for the contest

Sunday, February 21, 2010

olympic ride

J-man, Naj and i hit up our first official ride of the season today. Naj bought out the hellraiser and showed us both that we are pussy's by rollin in a t-shirt and no gloves the whole day, raw! rawness aside, it was a killer ride; we saw some olympic festivities, enjoyed some sophie's burgers served with a side of shit talk, awesome. enjoy some pics of the ride

naj and the hellraiser + johnny and the nightster, tough!

no jacket or gloves, that bitch is crazy!

back home! i wish there was more pics, but i was busy ridin. thanks fellas

Saturday, February 20, 2010

my life right now

as mentioned earlier i have been seriously laggin on the blog front, and i recognize that. the problem is that these two pictures describe my life right now, things should be back in order soon and then its full speed ahead with the nonsense of blogging!

it used to be a kitchen

pray for me.

burger time

behold the magnificence of the Sophies Cosmic Cafe cheeseburger. i have talked many times about it in the past, so i won't waste anymore time, just know it was the best burger ever!

BIke show Ho ten

Yep, I know I have been seriously laggin on the blog lately, so to make up for it here’s our recent journey to the BC Motorbike show in Abbotsford. It was freakin freezing out, but a pretty bangin show inside. Check the hotness
nice custom crossbones from the peeps at barnes HD

some slick classics from Royal Enfield

Johnny boy running it on the bullet. if he threw on some chick jeans and got a fixed gear; it would be hipster time!

hundred grand ducati, dang bitches thats some serious cake

ducatee monster, hotness!

nan running it on this dope black and gold crotch rocket, and no i didn't take the pic for the dame next to him, well not entirely
now this bike was something, not really my style but the craftmanship was amazing. no wires anywhere, scotchbrighted engine, etc. etc. etc. pretty hot stuff

after wandering the halls and seeing the plethora of leather vests, chaps and chrome shit we came across this little booth featuring some biltwell lids, and some seriously cool chops. the people in the pic are those behind langley's No9 Cycles. the bike in the background was the business, amazing paint job and classic style. get out there and support your local bike builder people!

so there's my little recap of this years bike show. sure there was alot more stuff, but my camera is sucking lately and a majority of the shots were out of focus. oh well, add another thing that i need to buy

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tyson, son!

I’ve always been down with Mike Tyson; yeah, the dude is a trainwreck at times, and he blew 300 million on chicks, booze and drugs. But seriously, when this dude was in his prime he was truly the most ferocious, intense and exciting boxer around. Back then he was the man; video games, music videos, cash money, Mike was killing it. Then just like Michael Jackson, people tore him down. I’m not saying that Mike had nothing to do with his collapse, simply that there was so many people trying to bring this kid down that in the end that’s exactly what happened.
The other night I checked out the killer Tyson documentary, and was impressed with Mike’s honestly. The dude just says what he feels in every situation, and then gets chastised for it. If you were, or are a Tyson fan or even if you not, check out the Tyson flick, you’ll definitely learn more about the man and the events that made him the way he is.

To end off, here’s Mike doling out some serious shit talk, enjoy!