Monday, February 22, 2010

i'm a weiner again!

As you may know last year the stars aligned and i pulled off the win for the Ride snowboards SBA7 art contest. yep, it was my 15 minutes of fame and i got a cool g note out of it + a brand new ride snowboard with my graphic on it. Well, the cash came and went, but today i got the best surprise ever when the board you see below showed up on my doorstep. Yep, you may notice that the graphic is different from the design that i did, but this deck is everything that i dig; simple lines and design + i'm hyped on it. the board is based on the ride DH 157, and if we ever get some snow i'll get out there and shred the shit out of it. a huge thanks to all the people at ride, especially Casey Huffman for everything

oh yes! its like christmas, birthdays and all that rolled into one!

here are the original designs that i sent in for the contest


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I almost bought one of these boards, but found the graphic on it a little too busy for my tastes, and I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted, so the Nitro ended up swaying me away from it. Hope to see you on the hill with it soon.

Anonymous said...
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Zapp said...

Rad! So now that you're technically sponsored, I can start calling you a sellout.


Anonymous said...

yeah zap! thanks for the checkin

i sold out a longtime ago, so its gravy now

thanks again