Saturday, February 20, 2010

BIke show Ho ten

Yep, I know I have been seriously laggin on the blog lately, so to make up for it here’s our recent journey to the BC Motorbike show in Abbotsford. It was freakin freezing out, but a pretty bangin show inside. Check the hotness
nice custom crossbones from the peeps at barnes HD

some slick classics from Royal Enfield

Johnny boy running it on the bullet. if he threw on some chick jeans and got a fixed gear; it would be hipster time!

hundred grand ducati, dang bitches thats some serious cake

ducatee monster, hotness!

nan running it on this dope black and gold crotch rocket, and no i didn't take the pic for the dame next to him, well not entirely
now this bike was something, not really my style but the craftmanship was amazing. no wires anywhere, scotchbrighted engine, etc. etc. etc. pretty hot stuff

after wandering the halls and seeing the plethora of leather vests, chaps and chrome shit we came across this little booth featuring some biltwell lids, and some seriously cool chops. the people in the pic are those behind langley's No9 Cycles. the bike in the background was the business, amazing paint job and classic style. get out there and support your local bike builder people!

so there's my little recap of this years bike show. sure there was alot more stuff, but my camera is sucking lately and a majority of the shots were out of focus. oh well, add another thing that i need to buy

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