Monday, July 27, 2009

Movie night

After hearing some good things about the movie, "taken" the wife thought we should check it out from Blockbuster the other night. Overall, its a great flick, filmed in the classic Luc Besson style (go watch The professional/ transporter flicks). Yeah, the story has some holes, and the idea is fairly simple; but the shit kicking that Liam Neeson lays down in this flick is reason enough to watch it. Now I am a big Neeson fan, as the dude seems like a straight up no nonsense type of guy. I loved the fact that he dispells the whole "lets have a chat before i kill you" bullshit that Hollywood flicks are based on; as he just shows up, lays a beating and moves on. So if you dig on movies like the professional, and the Borne Identity, hit it up.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


When i was a kid, I loved the flintstones. Yeah, the Jestons were cool but Fred and Barney killed it for me. That being said I felt like throwin up after seeing these Flintstone based Nike hightops. I bet Phil Knight and his boys have a good chuckle at all of us suckers who wait month after month for the next incarnation of the same shoe. dang, this month the swoosh on my dunks is ultra blue instead of aqua blue, i'm the hot shit!

whats next? lion king air force 1's? wait, that could be kinda fresh

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

solid sporty

my pic for bike of the day comes from the oldpro blogspot. check out the rad front fender being used as a back fender, biltwell frisco handlebars, dual discs up front, and the killer west eagle solo seat. Gives me some solid ideas for my own ride

lookey here

no, its not me. its nanny boy enjoying a cool evening ride. sorry for the shit picture but i was driving and trying to shoot the pic at the same time

Saturday, July 18, 2009

call me a redneck, but....

i fookin love this...

and this

this too

I've really been diggin on the whole rat rod thing lately, and either one of these trucks would look awesome in the driveway

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

JJ's re-edit edit

straight from Jeremy Jones is this edit of his part in MDP's Double Decade. Maybe, its the use of my favourite Police track of all time, or maybe it's the mellow vibe, but i really dig this edit. whatever the case; its cool to see some shredin deep in the summer.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

riding dirty

Naj hooked up a nice Sunday ride up to Cypress Mountain this morning; both of us on harley's with 3 doots on some random sport bikes. Naj threw up some sparks with his ultra low V&H exhaust, and B threw down a solid crotch rocket burnout; overall, a great ride, with some solid company. thanks for lining it up man

naj's hellraiser

the road up

Chillin at the top of cypress, some crazyass horse flies up there

Friday, July 10, 2009

good on ya brad!

Bradley pitt running a cool gold flake biltwel style helmet, riding what looks like a zero engineering or chabot engineering hog, either way it seems that brilliant bike builder, shinya kimura was involved. kudos on the choices Brad. i'm backin it

now he's just gotta hook up some loser machine shit, and its on!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Got some things in the works and this is definetley my inspiration. hopefully it'll pan out. stay tuned for more....

should have left it stock vol. 4

Now this is probably some brabus AMG kit that costs $10,000. But for me, having the front end of my $100,000 Merc look like a cheese grater is a wack idea. On the other hand, maybe this dood is a huge teenage mutant ninja turtles fan and always wanted his ride to look like uber badguy, shredder? think about it, shredder!

i had to take this pic on the low, as i was certain that the owner was sitting right next to me at starbucks. He was probably thinking "look at my ride, sweet. so sweet that this dood even wants a picture of it. i'm the man."