Monday, July 27, 2009

Movie night

After hearing some good things about the movie, "taken" the wife thought we should check it out from Blockbuster the other night. Overall, its a great flick, filmed in the classic Luc Besson style (go watch The professional/ transporter flicks). Yeah, the story has some holes, and the idea is fairly simple; but the shit kicking that Liam Neeson lays down in this flick is reason enough to watch it. Now I am a big Neeson fan, as the dude seems like a straight up no nonsense type of guy. I loved the fact that he dispells the whole "lets have a chat before i kill you" bullshit that Hollywood flicks are based on; as he just shows up, lays a beating and moves on. So if you dig on movies like the professional, and the Borne Identity, hit it up.


Anonymous said...

"what did you say"
"i said good louck "
"i told you i was going to find you "
and then comes the fighting. i too thought the movie was very good .

nick said...

yah Naj! that part was awesome. ol liam is like "you don't remember me do you?.... I told you that I was going to find you" and then the shit kickin begins. i loved it. i was thinking of ways that i could drop that line at work; but that would lead to no good.

Anonymous said...

I've not seen the flick, but I use that line all the time on the kids... They always think that I won't hunt them down when they skip a lunchtime detention. They soon learn... :-) amrit.

Anonymous said...

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