Sunday, November 22, 2009

does it get any better? i submit, it does not.

hit mount seymour for my first day of the season today. 35cm's of new snow and fairly good visibility = good times. i love the vibe of mount seymour; yeah you have your token dorks here and there, but overall it was cool to say hey to all the folks that i would chat/shred with last season, plus the hoots and hollers of cats lovin the conditions just made for a perfect first day. check the pic for proof

the shred was followed up with a killer meal with the family and friends (thanks again V)
then, to put the day right over the top, the road dried up enough (after almost 2 weeks straight of rain) for me to get the bike out for a quick burner. Yep, it was cold, but it was soo much fun just nailin it, that a planned 10 minute ride, ended up being almost an hour. does life get any better? i submit, it does not

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

capita's kilin it everywhere

Strolling through ikea for some swedish meatballs today and came across the new and improved Capita shelf brackets. i knew joining forces with C3 was the best idea ever

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

should have left it stock vol.6

"who cares homie, don't fix my hole in the roof. just throw on that $10,000 paintjob. after all it barely rains in vancouver."


picked up this super cool mooneyes aircleaner at the sema show recently & i just got my bike back today so i threw it on. i'm backin it

my man at the mooneyes booth said it was a prototype so i got all hyped, only to see it for sale for everyone right on their website boo hoo

Friday, November 13, 2009

fear and loathing at sema

the annual mancation to las vegas went down last week, and it was some serious fun. all the while the team attempted our best to keep it classy throughout the craziness that is las vegas. through all the fake boobs, personalities and people we checked out the sema show and although it was more scaled down than in past years, it was still fun as hell and even featured some cool bikes. check out the pics for evidence

the legendary ken block dc impreza was in attendance, as was x-games/ nitro circus main man, travis pastrana (who was alot bigger than i thought), real friendly and a super good dude

killer bike at the house of kolor booth. you can't tell from the pics but the whole thing was scotchbrighted, awesome

so dope it deserved 2 shots

all handformed aluminum cafe racer body

zonda, man, zonda

some cool RSD shit

not a big fan of the guy, but a slick jesse rooke bike

the legendary ariel atom.

easily, the best in show.

sick new ford focus. yeah its a bit boy racer, but still cool

the OG bigfoot truck! that little dude in front of him was about to get crushed

i love ya Las Vegas. until next year....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

essential noise part deux

the hot snakes are in heavy rotation in my vehicle as of late, especially these two tracks; if credit is what matters i'll take credit, and automatic midnight. i just love how the hot snakes played fast, loud and unapologetic. yep, the show would probably last an hour tops, but it would be the best hour ever. I always wanted to play in a band like this, but my god, i would be out for a month after playing one track like the downstroke master Speedo.

and yeah Matt, i fully back you, Mario killed it on the skins

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

essential noise

some time ago i featured the beautiful noise of the hot snakes. now this band was made up of the a couple of drive like Jehu folks and a couple of rocket from the crypt cats, including the always entertaining john "speedo" ries. and although the hot snakes are no more, these 2 tracks kill it. enjoi

and for the drive like jehu fans out there, here the hot snakes boys do the killer track bullet train to vegas, awesome. turn up your speakers and enjoy the brilliance

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

getting started early

i walk in the house the other day and Jai is on the floor examining a book on pathophysiology. i couldn't pull him away from it; later on over apple juice he told me that he could feel the juice in his small intestine, awesome.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

riding durty

with my bike in the shop and the weather getting colder, we're making every riding day count. Keeping this in mind, Johnny boi came over to work on his nightster. Now this thing is a killer bike and it runs like a bat outta hell. He just got his exhaust heat shields powdercoated black, and we hooked up his turn signal relocation kit. after that we went for a quick spin, with me rollin in Johnny's CRV and J on the hog. soo much fun, shooting pics and rippin it up on the bike. poor johnny froze his ass off, but after a pho soup bath he's back in the game. check the pics for the hotness

after riding this thing, my bike needs the 1200cc engine upgrade, stat!

johnny boi reppin his harley, and my chariot in the background
we also shot a little youtube vid of the day, no crazy boltsaction shit, but serious fun nonetheless, check it here