Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Essential Eating 2 - Salsa & Agave

The other night, food specialist Surinder tipped me off on a place that he checked out recently. He raved about the quality of the food and the authenticity of the restaurant. The place in question was Salsa & Agave; a cool little Mexican joint on Pacific Blvd in downtown Vancouver.

Excited about the possibilities I dragged the family down to Salsa & Agave the next day to have a test run of the eats. Getting down to Pacific, I was confused as there were two Salsa & Agave joints; one on the corner and the other a half way down the block. What was the difference, I thought? Turns out it was less juicy than I imagined as the counter gal informed me that the corner one was simply the licensed version of the two places. Having the boys with me, we thought it best to check out the non licensed version.

Checking out the menu, it was clear that this place was authentic with serious bangers like Sopes, Cringa and Alambre. They even serve up some Mexican deserts, and had some cool Mexican sodas for you to enjoy.To mix it up we ordered up some Pastor (pork in a spicy sauce w/ pineapple), and Pollo (Chicken) taco’s,

look at that!
a quesadilla for the boys (which does not exist on the menu) and an Agave (roast chicken, rice, feta, with spicy morita sauce) Burrito for me.

i love you burrito.

As you can see in the pics, your food comes out simple and fresh. The wife raved about the quality of the tacos and declared the Pork ones as some of the best she had ever eaten. As for the burrito, it definitely made the top 5 list with my only qualm being that there were no hot sauces around to add a bit of zing to it; still, it was banger.

Overall, I digged the food, the service and the vibe of this little place. It kinda reminded me of eating inside a little grocery store, but that just added to the whole thing. Next time I go back, I’m gonna hit up the licensed side and enjoy a bowl of the heralded Azteca soup and some chorizo tacos, ohhh that would be good.

Thanks to Surinder for the food tip, as he picked a winner on this one!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

making a motorcycle seat in 5 easy steps

yeah, the bike build is moving at a snailspace. but honestly, most of it is due to the fact that i'm waiting on others all the time. after waiting for another day for my engine i decided it was time to get my seat ready.

so, here i present to you the loyal blog reader: How to make a motorcycle solo seat in 5 easy steps

1. buy or make a seat pan, like the one you see below. if you want the best call up Hiro at west eagle and he'll hook you up a killer one.

next, get your material: i prefer marine grade vinyl as its easy to work with (but you probably think i suck for that) but leather is cool too.
2. get some spray glue from canadian tire, then buy, borrow or steal a yoga mat from your girl, wife or that hippie guy at work
3. spray the top of the seat pan with the glue and mount a piece of the yoga mat on it, and trim the excess. next cut a piece of your vinyl/leather, measure and cut the mounting holes out then glue it on the bottom of the seat

4. cover the yoga mat with a piece of fleece, and then cover that with your vinyl/ leather - remember to glue each piece on.
5. take the seat to your favourite shoe repair guy or tailor - have the top vinyl/ leather sewn to the bottom and get ready to celebrate. cut off the excess material and feast your eyes on the awesomeness.

extra step - buy me a drink, as i just saved you $200. holla!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

you stole my bike vol. 2

this may be the second best missing bike poster i have ever seen. the best was this classic but this one comes frighteningly close. truly a literary masterpiece

jacked from the sweet butter blog

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

we got a roller!!

finally, got the frame welded up, and the wheels on. Just waitin for the engine and its officially mock up time, hells yeah!

god, i really have to do something with my yard

growing like a weed

was crusing through my pics the other day and checked out the kid's first day on snow, and then his most recent. It's nuts how much that dude has grown, and yeah he still needs to get his shred skills together, but at least the pics are cool.

only 2 short years ago

this past weekend. i'm hoping that he can eventually shred like Johan's kiddies, but at least he looks the part, hah!

bike show ho eleven!

A little late on this one, but a couple of weeks back Johnny boy and i made the annual pilgrimage to the motorcycle show. yeah, it's still miserable outside, but the bike show is like the kick off for the season; and despite the doo rags, leather vests and wolf shirts the show was actually pretty good. check out the pics for the highlights

pretty nice fatbob low

panhead, shovelhead, knuckle head, blah blah - nice bike nonetheless

easily, the best part of the show - no9 cycles stand

told ya

yep, told ya again

yep, its true. best bikes of the show

even ace cafe london was there

they bought along this amazing triumph

johnny boy testing out forward controls on the harley 48, not bad

cool little nightster with biltwell keystone bars

super cool ducati

i dig KTM, and here is their latest crotch rocket