Wednesday, March 30, 2011

marketing genius!

a friend of mine sent me these old school ads that i just had to post. check out the genius marketing from back in the dayz....

maybe you single cats should try this at the bar

oh shit!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

progress pics cont....

working as much as i can on getting the bike buttoned up and ready for action. finished the paint, mounts, etc... right now i'm knee deep in wiring and on getting the small details done (which take forever). Nan dropped by the other day and snapped off a couple of iphone pics of the progress. almost there... hopefully the thing will start, haha

if you are wondering where i got the idea for the paint, i completely jacked boltsactions seth huot's old paintjob that he was running on his nightster. sorry seth, hope you're not too pissed about it

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

schaaf + vans = success!

max schaff is dope. his 4Q blog is all time, and he's killin it in the bike and still enjoying popularity in the skate scene. with all this, it's about time brands back this dude, and Utility Board Supply and Vans are on it with this solid pro model shoe. check out the video and buy the shoe from Utility Board supply

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

essential viewing - liberty vintage motorcycles

one thing i like about getting older is that you can finally drop the "i've got an open mind, i love everything" crap and say exactly what you feel about things. nowadays, i have no problem saying that RnB sucks, and that dudes with pony tails look like wankers.

watchin this video reminds me of this. as this dude tells it like he sees it, and doesn't give a shit. while i don't completely agree with everything he says, the film is amazingly shot and is definetley essential viewing, check it!

Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles from Etsy on Vimeo.

jacked from pipeburn, thanks

do the right thing

unless you've been living under a rock - you know the good people of Japan are experiencing a truly heart breaking situation. while the blog usually serves as a spot for excessive shit talk, this whole thing reminds of how quickly things can change. One thing for sure is that we are insanely lucky to live the lives we do, and for that we should do what we can to help. the most accesible way is to donate via this link - do, it. it's the right thing to do. now, go hug everyone that matters to you. do it

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

goodbye iphone.....

Yes, its true. My iphone died the other day; I was gutted. It’s been tough coping for the past few days as it was my alarm clock, camera, personal arcade, planner, internet device and yeah, and even my phone. To all those people that I say I’m gonna call, I actually have a real excuse now as I have lost all of your phone numbers. I’m working on getting my details together again, but its gonna take some time.

not my phone. but i needed something to illustrate the broken phone point

Anyone got an iphone 4 they would like to donate?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Finally got my engine back and had a couple of good days work on the bike. Almost finished mock up with a couple of little details here and there left to take care of, so i just had to roll it outta the garage and check it out in the sun. just a tease though.... next up paint!

not bad, if i do say so myself

after the mock up, i jetted over to Johnny boy's to help out on the first mods with his new nightster. now, john's last bike was banger, but i'm predicting that this one will cause some serious freakouts. first up, change out the stock bars to some masterblasters & pop a new air cleaner on (pics of that to come)

ahh, so nice and clean. if only it knew whats in its future...

the new bars are sick. j-man, getting ready for a test ride

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

world of wheels show


so this past weekend the wife, the boy and I ventured out to the Fraser Valley World of Wheels hot rod n' bike show at Tradex in Abbotsford. While i'm not much of a muscle car guy, i'll take any opportunity to check out some cool cars and bikes. Walking into the show, we were met with some rockabily music, and a bunch of gals clad in 50's clothing. the 50's vibe was so strong that i expected to see the fonz rolling around the corner at any time.

ohhh yeah, i love it

Jimmy shine's so cal speed shop show stopper, no paint on that thing. just cleared

Jokes aside, there was some serious rides at this place; with a killer selection of rat rods, muscle cars, classic rides and my favorite, some ol school hot rod trucks. unfortunatley, i forgot my camera in the car so the only pics i have are some shit iphone ones. I will be uploading some more as the wife's iphone was also used, but these will have to do for now

classic bug

the dude was doing some amazing pin striping; i felt like i should slick back my hair and throw on a leather jacket, total greaser style

yeah, yeah, number 9 cycles again

cobra. who cares if its probably a kit, its nuts

slick fully custom roadster