Saturday, March 5, 2011


Finally got my engine back and had a couple of good days work on the bike. Almost finished mock up with a couple of little details here and there left to take care of, so i just had to roll it outta the garage and check it out in the sun. just a tease though.... next up paint!

not bad, if i do say so myself

after the mock up, i jetted over to Johnny boy's to help out on the first mods with his new nightster. now, john's last bike was banger, but i'm predicting that this one will cause some serious freakouts. first up, change out the stock bars to some masterblasters & pop a new air cleaner on (pics of that to come)

ahh, so nice and clean. if only it knew whats in its future...

the new bars are sick. j-man, getting ready for a test ride

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