Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i've always digged on Eddie Wall, as the guy seems like a good dude with a genuine love of snowboarding. As for pierre wikberg, this dude is the man behind robotfood & the dc mountain lab vids, and all the current DC snow marketing vids. Team both of these cats up and you have the awesome new blog site, Videohypershred. on the daily the VHS guys feature new shred video's with filled bangers, falls and general good time snowboarding.

An Afternoon At The Garden from Video Hyper Shred on Vimeo.

check out the site and thank these dudes for making you spend more time on the interweb!

top 3 things i need...

As we finally moved into the new place life is finally getting back to normal and I can focus on the “important” things in life; like things I dig. So today I’m featuring the top 3 items that I need*

1. Les Ateliers Ruby Pavilion Motorcycle Helmet – yeah, this thing is expensive, coming in at around $800, but the more I think about it; I paid $500 for my jacket, $300 for the jeans, endless dollars on shoes and I can’t spend more than $100 for a helmet, that keeps my melon safe? Seems kinda wack, eh?

Well, the Ruby Pavillion is the Rolls Royce of open faced vintage styled helmets; carbon fibre layup, lambskin leather and suede lining, chrome trim = amazing style and safety + this carbon & gold color scheme is a must have – time to start saving

2. 686 Times Levis snowboard pants – denim in snowboarding has been around since the days of Tarquin Robbins, but these are easily the best examples of cool looking, functional shred denim on the market today. 686 teamed up with the cats at Levis and delivered a killer pair of denim shred pants. After seeing a buddy riding them the other day, they have been placed on the must have list, so awesome.

3. Gravis Dylan Rieder skate shoes – now, I really don’t know why I want these things as I am not really a dress shoe type of guy. But I am getting older, and I’m startin to feel like a bit of a punk around the office with my current style. The answer? Maybe these slick super tech Gravis Dylan skate shoes = amazing tech behind the shoe + something that doesn’t make me look like a 13 year old. hopefully I can actually track a pair down and see if I can actually pull em off

* needs vs wants, who really cares?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

don't worry man, i can hold it

now everyone loves to hate on roland sands. why? i really have no idea, the guy seems like a good dude and makes some pretty cool bikes, but this video makes me question his social group. why this dude in front of the bike thinks that he can hold the bike while ol rolie is doin a burner is straight bonkers. yeah i know he's just holdin on the oil patch, but if that thing hits the concrete homeboy is headin straight to heaven

Friday, March 12, 2010

winters back, bitches!

i was getting seriously stressed out that i have had zero powder days this season. yeah sunny days are awesome, but this is the wet coast. where are the shit visibility, super deep pow days? oh, they are back my friends, and back with a vengence. Mount Seymour has had 45 cms of snow in the past 2 days, with more to come tonight. tommorow, we ride....

oh yes!!!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

best ever!

enjoy seven and a half minutes of the best comedy show ever; the dave chappelle show and the killer charlie murphy "true hollywood stories" skit. simply the best shit ever