Monday, August 29, 2011

stickers, we got stickers here, stickers

a few people know that i have been busily making die cut stickers for people on the side for the past few years. yeah, shred stickers have been the order of the day as kids from all over email me asking for a burton logo combined with a picture of their girlfriend. weird requests aside, i recently did up some stickers for the homies over at boltsaction and Jeremy featured said stickers on their blog.

This resulted in a bunch of folks that i havent dealt with before asking, "hey man, are you legit" and "where can i see your work" as that was the case, i put together a little blog dedicated to sticky side of my life. check it out here and if you want some die cut stickers done, drop me a line, thanks.

lemmy says "consume"

Sunday, August 28, 2011

i'm going through changes.....

sing that title over again as Ozzy does, and it sounds alot better. Now, to the point; i was itching to change the bike up a bit and my old oil tank breaking ignited the change. what color to go with i thought? well, as henry ford said, "you can have any color you want as long as its black" so, black it was. I then lined up a new oil tank and sourced an alien tank from the good people at lowbrow. Threw it all back together and i'm backin it.

always bet on black

what the bike looked like a few short days ago

john boy trying it on for size. looks good son

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the blues explosion is number one!

There I was, off in my own world when this weeks edition of the Georgia Straight literally landed in my lap. While perusing the pages, I was met with shock and surprise when I saw the words "Jon Spenser Blues Explosion playing tonight at Venue." The Blues Explosion, here, now? I said. Last time I had seen the rock trio was in 1999 (which I hailed as the best show I had ever seen) and after hearing that the band members had moved onto other projects I thought I would never see the trio again. Learing about the re-union tour was fate; and I did not question it, as I raced down and grabbed tickets brimming with excitement of what was to come.

Getting to the show I noticed that the crowd had changed since I had last seen the blues explosion. It was funny to see 30 something's wearing Ween and Sonic Youth T-shirts that barely fit anymore, but they still wore them proudly. We all had grown up since we last saw the band, and the overly tight t-shirts served as a metaphor of us middle agers holding onto our youth (just barely). Heavy eh.

russel simmins drumset - awaiting a solid beating
Opening for the band was the two piece combo named Rich Hope and his Evil Doers. Now I am not sure if these dudes were local guys, as they seemed to have a lot of support. One thing is sure, they made a wonderful racket for two guys. Frontman, Rich Hope is a charistmatic dude, that tells a great story while throwing down on the axe. Super impressed by these dudes, you should definetley check em out

wonderful noise from these two

the blues explosion!!!!!!!
Next up, was the Blues Explosion. When these dudes hit the stage the place went bonkers, and all three looked great with only Judah Bauer's grey goatie as a sign of age. Ripping through their catalogue, the blues explosion played bangers like: two kinds of love, afro, chicken dog, bellbottoms, dang, sweat and my personal favourite: blues explosion man. The band was tight, loud and jon has not lost any of his front man skills as he ruled the crowd with the sermon of the blues explosion. Russell simmins pounded the skins like animal from the muppet show, while judah bauer kicked it cool as always. Overall, the blues explosion is still the best live band on the planet, and yes, I'll say it as it was "easily the best show I have ever seen."

So you ask, it the blues explosion still number one? I answer with a resounding "yeah!"

to prove the brilliance of the blues explosion. watch this

told ya.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i'm back baby, i'm back

i couldnt take it anymore, and ended up biting the bullet and getting another iphone. yeah, i'm just like everyone else who has one, but i just loved my last iphone and couldnt take another minute with my subpar crappy LG. Now that i have a phone that can take and email pics, and video expect more updates on the ol blog.

lets just hope i dont end up sending me mom a text like this one

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

defending the awesome

yes, its summer. but if this trailer doesnt get you hyped to shred you need to have your head examined. c'mon, the Capita crew and red fang - fugetaboutit