Sunday, August 28, 2011

i'm going through changes.....

sing that title over again as Ozzy does, and it sounds alot better. Now, to the point; i was itching to change the bike up a bit and my old oil tank breaking ignited the change. what color to go with i thought? well, as henry ford said, "you can have any color you want as long as its black" so, black it was. I then lined up a new oil tank and sourced an alien tank from the good people at lowbrow. Threw it all back together and i'm backin it.

always bet on black

what the bike looked like a few short days ago

john boy trying it on for size. looks good son


Amritpal said...

Am missing the number 5, as I know it has a special resonance for you and a few others in the family. Still, the new one has style (as expected!).

By the way, how did you break the tank?

nick said...

around here when someone says they miss the number 5 its usually in reference to that classic vancouver "men's" club. hahaha - simply i got tired of people always asking why #5, is that your lucky number, etc... etc... etc.. so i just decided to take it off

as for the tank. i broke the weld on my old oil tank after riding into a deceptively massive hole. it broke my seat, oil tank, my spirit and knocked a ton of other things loose. was actually lucky i didnt get thrown from the bike.

thanks for the checkout amb!

theoldepro said...

i know you posted these pics a while back, but wanted to let you know I'm fully backing the new tank, tank logo and color chosen for the tank and fender. definitely good style!