Monday, October 26, 2009

chop shop

so i finally did it, switched out the original seat on the bike for a rad west eagle solo seat. after that it was on, chopped up the rear fender and fender struts, moved the signals, etc.. etc.. couldn't have done it without the inspiration matt from the oldepro's bike and his how to mount a solo seat manual - johnny boy gave a seriously helping hand, and nan dropped in with some words of wisdom. yeah, the fellas busted my ass for my crazy impatience, and for having tools all over the place but what can you do, i'm backin it.

looks like a real chop shop with that background

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crazy Colt Part Deux!

some time ago i featured crazy colt's bmx hyjinx on the blog. well, after seeing this clip i had to feature the freak again. check out the vid and lock up your daughters

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buell motorcycles is no more....

its a sad day for employees and fans of Buell motorcycles as Harley has decided to stop production of the bikes by Oct 30th of this year. It's too bad as Buell offered some cool bikes, and the founder, Erik Buell always appeared passionate about the bikes and motorcycling in general. For me, i have always been a huge fan of the Buell Lightning and would have bought it, if it wasn't for the release of my bike this year. if you want to read more about Harley's decision click here, if not pour one out for the good people at Buell.

now that is a cool looking machine

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RIDE snowboards presents SNOWBOARD ART 8!!!!!

Loyal Blog followers may remember me sqeaking out a win for last years Ride snowboards art contest. with that in mind, it's time to celebrate as RIde is presenting the SNOWBOARD ART 8 contest. other than a getting a cool g note, my own board, and world renowned fame and fortune, i also got to design this years art contest flyer (as seen below). so, if you saw my stuff and thought "this guy sucks, i could do better than that" or if you just like design, put down the bong and lets see some cool shit!

Trip to the Museum

Jai and I checked out the Trev Deeley Harley Davidson museum the other day. Funny thing is that despite being based in a Harley Dealer, the museum barely had any Harley’s; with most of the bikes being early English rides: BSA’s, Truimph’s, and Norton’s. Now, I’m not an old bike aficionado, nor do I think old bikes are better than new one’s and all that shit. My thing is I just dig the style and the look of the older bikes; especially the tank design’s and paint jobs. With a project bike looming in the future, our trip to the museum definitely helped with the inspiration.

look at that tank

now that is a cool paintjob

Jai was feeling this norton sidecar. i think it looks good on the boy

Monday, October 5, 2009

look what showed up in the garage

J-man brings it home with a 2008 Nightster, so awesome! within an hour of getting it we changed out the bars, removed the mirrors, switched up the air cleaner, and removed the front fender, hotness! we went for a quick cruise together, seriously the best shit ever!

oh yeah johnny boy, turn on the techno!

awww, like 2 brothers...