Monday, October 26, 2009

chop shop

so i finally did it, switched out the original seat on the bike for a rad west eagle solo seat. after that it was on, chopped up the rear fender and fender struts, moved the signals, etc.. etc.. couldn't have done it without the inspiration matt from the oldepro's bike and his how to mount a solo seat manual - johnny boy gave a seriously helping hand, and nan dropped in with some words of wisdom. yeah, the fellas busted my ass for my crazy impatience, and for having tools all over the place but what can you do, i'm backin it.

looks like a real chop shop with that background


Anonymous said...

oooh shiiiit its looking good

LandMan said...

your rear fender rubbing at all? i kept a good amount of space with mine so that i had a bit of room for when i hit bumps on the freeway going 80.....

nick said...

its rubbin like shit man. took the pic without checkin the clearance and all of that, just excited. since the pic i remounted the fender alot higher so its cool now.

what up Naj, thanks for the hype up!