Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Predators!! a seriously biased movie review

This review is a little late coming, but recently, I got to check out the new Predators movie. Now, our crew grew up on the original Predator and have been quoting the Shakespearean lines forever. Further, I never really got into the whole Alien vs. Predator thing, so I was hyped when I heard that this flick would be back to the OG predator style, additionally with Robert Rodriquez at the producing helm I knew it would be awesome.

You must admit, that trailer is pretty cool

How was it? You ask. Well, I was a bit weary of Adrian Brody playing the main tough guy, but honestly the dude does a pretty good job. Overall, the film is action packed from start to finish, with as much blood and gore as you would expect from a Predator film. The other cool thing about the film is that it pays homage to the original version with some classic one liners, such as “c’mon kill me” and “turn around, over here” that make you think that Mac (bill duke) is going to make a guest appearance.

Hells yeah!!!

Now if you are expecting riveting drama or heart wrenching emotion this is clearly not the film for you. But if you are looking for an old fashioned, no bullshit 80’s style action flick, look no further as Predators hits the mark. Plus, if you loved the original version you’ll be in nerd heaven watching this one.

dirtbike or ATV? how about both?

While checking out the goods at the bike store the other day Jai requested that I buy him a dirt bike and a mini ATV. I was like “Jai, you can’t have both of those things man” he responded with “don’t worry dad, you can buy me the motorbike for my birthday and the ATV for Christmas, okay.” Little shit

yeah, i know the pics are pretty blurry. but what can you do

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i know i'll probably go to hell for this....

but its just so freakin funny!

jacked from moto monday, too good not to share

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moderne Burger - the quest continues

So the quest for Vancouver’s best burger continues with a recent trip to Moderne Burger in kits. I had heard a lot about Moderne Burger over the years and even remember checking the place out back in the day; additionally, Matt from Vancouver Slop rates the place high so I knew I should check it out again. So last weekend, we checked out Moderne Burger to see where it rates.

Walking into Moderne Burger you instantly think that you are being transported back in the day, as the d├ęcor, music and everything is classic 50’s diner style. Usually I hate on period places, but this I actually digged as it was bright, clean and the servers were friendly without being overbearing. It reminded me of the diner in back to the future where Biff says to Marty “Mcfly, I thought I told you to never come in here” awesome

"he's wearing a life preserver, dork thinks he's gonna drown"
Checking out the menu, the choices are pretty straightforward with Burgers being the main fare. I immediately ordered up the Moderne steak burger with cheese, and bacon thus ensuring that the same type of burger is tested throughout my quest, while the wife ordered up the Turkey Burger with fries, and probably the best extra thick vanilla shake that I have ever had; which we shared amongst the 3 of us.

In a matter of minutes the burger came up fresh, hot and perfectly cooked. The wife’s burger came with a mountain of fries and also came perfectly cooked. My first impressions of the burger were that it is classically made traditional burger. The patty is fresh and not seasoned so the taste is not as bold as you would find at Vera’s, but it is definitely tasty. The bacon was also great, as was the bold cheddar that they threw on for me.

truly a glorious sight!

Overall, I would say that Moderne Burger makes one hell of a good burger as it’s a good size and value for the money, plus it’s super tasty. I wasn’t overly hyped on the bun, as it seemed a bit thick for my liking, so that’s where the burger lost ground to Vera’s or Sophies. But if you are looking for a classic, traditional burger I would definitely hit up Moderne Burger. If you are like me and have a bit of a sweet tooth, skip the fries and get the burger and an extra thick shake; you’ll be over the moon, seriously.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ghetto POV'in

now i'm not talking about the POV you are watching on the interweb when your girl is out, i'm talking about some bike riding point of view video thats all the rage these days. Yeah, i could've swooped up a gopro HD, but i'm broke and it would also have been the easy way. So i grabbed my trusty flip camera, a roll of velcro strappin and tried a couple of setups. The first was waay too low and all you can see is my tank, and the second was shaky as all hell. check the video for the proof

Untitled from nick panesar on Vimeo.

despite the shitty footage it was a fun ride and i even blew a ducati 848 away (check the middle of the video for proof) yeah, he was just chillin, but still..

Friday, July 9, 2010

you stole my bike!

feast your eyes on the greatest missing bike poster ever, and yes i know some of you may have seen this before, but it simply is too good not to post again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bar Checkout

Having been raised at the height of the BMX craze, I always digged on BMX styled handlebars. As that is the case, these aptly named “Hooligan” bars from the good people at Deep Six Cycles are getting my serious interest.

i'd narrow em down a bunch, and then they would be boss!
Yeah, I love my biltwell frisco’s, but as they say, a bike is never really done as you can always switch shit up.

the wall of bars

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

burger time

so my nephews, the bansal boys have been bustin my chops about hittin up refuel in kits for what they both declare is the best burger in all of Vancouver. so, the other day the wife and i roll into refuel to try the heralded burger and whatever else they have. First reactions is that the place is very swanky, with amazing decor and brilliant & friendly service. I look over the menu, and luckily the owners made it easy with only one burger on the menu: the dry aged beef burger. So i order it up and the wife orders a plate of gnocchi.

a few minutes later the burger comes up fresh, hot and cooked to perfection (medium rare). the fries are few but are awesome, as is the plating. How's the burger you ask? well, i must say that the burger was exceptional, as it was super flavorful, and the bacon was also on point as it fried perfectly.

oh my, thats some serious meat.
so now for the real question, was it the best burger in Vancouver? i would have to say no, it is not. my reasoning behind this is two fold; first, its a gourmet burger so the taste is very different than something that you would find at vera's or sophie's. its more like comparing papercorn filet mignon vs unseasoned steak - the taste is similar, but different at the same time. another issue is the cost, $15.50 + tax for a fairly small burger and a few fries; to me thats just a bit too pricey for a burger, and no drink. Yeah, its Kits and shit is different there, but still for a burger to win best of Van, its gotta be killer and not be overly priced as well. and for me, that burger is at sophies

canada day ryde

johnny boy and i celebrated Canada day by nailin it on some awesome back roads in the chilly weather. J-man is like gandalf from lord of the rings, as the dude know's pretty much every awesome road in the area + it was all business as the chatter was kept to a minimum and the bikes were running fast. yeah, we almost lost john's faceshield on a high speed lane change and it was as cold as november; but still any day out on the bikes is awesome.

mid ride coffee break. did i mention it was cold?

somewhere near the airport, god knows how we got there

john checked out the stance of both bikes, while also doing his best brad pitt impersonation