Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ghetto POV'in

now i'm not talking about the POV you are watching on the interweb when your girl is out, i'm talking about some bike riding point of view video thats all the rage these days. Yeah, i could've swooped up a gopro HD, but i'm broke and it would also have been the easy way. So i grabbed my trusty flip camera, a roll of velcro strappin and tried a couple of setups. The first was waay too low and all you can see is my tank, and the second was shaky as all hell. check the video for the proof

Untitled from nick panesar on Vimeo.

despite the shitty footage it was a fun ride and i even blew a ducati 848 away (check the middle of the video for proof) yeah, he was just chillin, but still..

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