Thursday, August 30, 2012

J-mans new hog

J-man sold his nightster and picked up this badass street bob. A couple o cuts here and some new bars there and you have the bike you see below.


Summer wrap up

Here's a 6 pack of pics that sum up my amazing summer - what may be more shocking is the fact that I have done 2 blog posts in one day. Crazy eh


in celebration of the new batman flick, and as we are just batman nerds anyway, Max rocked his batman tee yesterday. little fella wears it well if i do say so myself

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

should have left it stock vol 13

Acura ILX $27,000 Carbon fibre hood - $1500 Carbon fibre wing - $1000 Race wheels w/ track tires - $3000 Tuned suspension w/ multiple sway bars, etc… - $2000 Ground effects package $1000 Full turbo race engine upgrade w/blow off valve $8000 Race seats w/ 5 point harnesses $2500 Full system w/ headrest monitors $3000 Misc parts & accessories $1000 Total investment $50,000 Sale price $10,000. Maybe not the best financial move – homeboy should have kept it stock