Wednesday, August 29, 2012

should have left it stock vol 13

Acura ILX $27,000 Carbon fibre hood - $1500 Carbon fibre wing - $1000 Race wheels w/ track tires - $3000 Tuned suspension w/ multiple sway bars, etc… - $2000 Ground effects package $1000 Full turbo race engine upgrade w/blow off valve $8000 Race seats w/ 5 point harnesses $2500 Full system w/ headrest monitors $3000 Misc parts & accessories $1000 Total investment $50,000 Sale price $10,000. Maybe not the best financial move – homeboy should have kept it stock


Amritpal said...

Ah, welcome back dude.

The big wing is the deal breaker. It won't fit into the garage, otherwise I'd take it. Such a bargain.

nick said...

brilliant Amby! great timing as you can tell i havent touched the blog in some time.

i'll keep an eye out for a fast and furious ride for you, sans wing, hah!