Tuesday, June 30, 2009

out and about

its cool the places you see while motoring around on your bike; this particular spot is right around the corner from the house and i really never paid it any attention, until the other night. Riding by i thought "that would make a cool photo" so i rolled in, pulled out the iphone and banged off a couple of "moody" shots, turned out pretty rad if i do say so myself

i love you iphone.

a quick break

Spent the weekend in seattle with the family; awesome time. Saw some cool things, ate some great food and even did some sneaker shopping. Highlight of the trip had to the experience music project; which was absolutely amazing. The Hendrix room alone is worth the price of admission, and if you dig music the EMP is a must see. The EMP also features a super cool scifi museum which had a bunch of original Star Trek memorobilia (including Scripts, weapons, etc..) and the Death Star Model used in the filming of Star Wars, sick! I could have spent all day hangin out, but Jai was over it, so.... we moved on. Hitup a little amusement park next to the space needle, super fun, but i forgot about my aversion to spinning rides and spent an hour recouperating from a kiddie ride called the rocket - yes, i am lame.

Jai thought he was Woody from Toy Story so he risked it all when riding this mechanical horse

Friday, June 26, 2009


Jeremy Jones and crew appear to be working on a new project called boltsaction. The crew of boltsactioners are keepin things under wraps on what the whole thing is about, but right now they have a pretty cool motorbike based blog, which features JJ's rad new bike

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i need death from above!

Well, not really. I was just refferring to the brilliant album, "you're a woman, i'm a machine" by Death from Above 1979. Now this album was released a couple of years back and the single "romantic rights" blew up for the band. When i first heard the track i was amazed that a 2 piece (just drums and bass) could make such a racket, it was awesome.
Unfortunatley, the band called it quits some time ago so new material is probably not going to happen. That being said You're a woman... has been on repeat in the car for the past 2 weeks and i am still noticing new shit that i had not heard before. I truly think that it is one of the best albums in my collection, as each track can stand on its own. if you don't own it and enjoy some heavy noise, go buy it now, seriously. what are you waiting for, go.... now!

"i am not an animal!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

the update!

after some long hours, and some grief for the wife the bike is almost done. Thanks to my pop, nan, j-man, and jheera for the help and JJ for the bar hookup (too bad they didn't fit!) a few more pieces to come, but i am pretty hyped on it right now

joke of the day "whats the difference between a harley and a vacuum? the size of the dirt bag?"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

almost there....

so close... hopefully partial completion tommorow

back from the dead

anyone who knows me, knows this bike; the cannondale. I have had this thing for ages and it is truly responsible for keeping me on the right side of the tracks when I was coming up. Over the years, its seen some neglect and sat in the garage just waiting to be ridden, until now.... taking a page outta the whole fixie scene i threw on some flat bars, new brake levers and finally got the back rim sorted. How does it ride? killer my friends, killer. its great to be back on the road

Thursday, June 11, 2009

benita applebum, gotta get me some

I love old school hip hop; de la soul, tribe called quest, run dmc, blacksheep, pharcyde, biz markie, ll cool J all that shit is so good to hear these days. I remember back in the day, johnny boy and I got a copy of NWA's straight outta compton, and would listen to it on the low as Nan didn't back the gangsta element, it was awesome.
Now i'm not going to be one of those guys who say that hip hop sucks now, etc... etc.. but for some reason i have a tough time connecting with the new stuff. maybe its the marketing, the image, who knows.
Back to the point of this post, I recently stumbled across this cool blog thats all about old school hip hop and features a list of essential tracks for your collection. Check it out, me i'm gonna throw on some third bass and find me a brooklyn Queen

"cuz i'm that type of ni**a thats built to last, you mess with me i put my foot in yo ass"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

how its made

I love the Discovery channel show "how its made." As it is so cool to see how things are put together from conception to manufacture eventually making it to retail. On the theme of "how its made" Mike West, who owns 686 outerwear has a killer little blog and recently wrote about his last trip to China, where he breaks down "how 686 outerwear is made." its a great read for anyone who digs the whole manufacturing process, and also how business works with overseas factories. Unfortunatley, I can't link it direct to the story, but click here and scroll down to the Q & C
story done on May 18, 2009.

being that this photo is from china, shouldn't the maniquins be asian? hmmm

Monday, June 8, 2009

for real?

folks everywhere are going bonkers over these new Kanye West Air Yeezy Nike's. Me, I think they look like shit, plus I am not feeling the whole skytop thing. Nevertheless, it just shows how Nike can release anything and it'll sell, bastards!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

johnny boy part 2

j-man's feelin harley's, yeah bitches, its true. check it J

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bikes on the brain

so with the new bike comes the possibility of the lads pickin up some scoots as well. Johnny boy is back in the game and ready to roll, here are the top 3 bikes that i think j-man should buy:

The super haut triumph street triple R, such a awesome looking machine. In person this thing is amazing, killer build quality and its not gonna break down every day like the old triumphs

the ducati monser 696, such a cool bike. yep, it'll probably cost you $500 to get a new gas cap, but just look at the thing

and finally, my favorite of the lot. The Ducati sportclassic gt 1000; this thing makes me want to buy some tapered chick jeans, vans and become an urban hipster. just awesome.
c'mon johnny boi, drop in!