Thursday, June 11, 2009

benita applebum, gotta get me some

I love old school hip hop; de la soul, tribe called quest, run dmc, blacksheep, pharcyde, biz markie, ll cool J all that shit is so good to hear these days. I remember back in the day, johnny boy and I got a copy of NWA's straight outta compton, and would listen to it on the low as Nan didn't back the gangsta element, it was awesome.
Now i'm not going to be one of those guys who say that hip hop sucks now, etc... etc.. but for some reason i have a tough time connecting with the new stuff. maybe its the marketing, the image, who knows.
Back to the point of this post, I recently stumbled across this cool blog thats all about old school hip hop and features a list of essential tracks for your collection. Check it out, me i'm gonna throw on some third bass and find me a brooklyn Queen

"cuz i'm that type of ni**a thats built to last, you mess with me i put my foot in yo ass"


Anonymous said...

I don't believe it. You did change the tag-line. :-)

There are so many old school rap tunes. My goodness, you've only got to go to the late 80s and you'd be there for 3 hours listening to the old gold.

A lot of the older tracks did cover various topics before they all got stuck on gangsta rap in the early 90s. I find that the modern stuff is geared way too much on bling, etc. Maybe that it isn't the case, but as I don't actively seek that style of music, it means I only hear what ever is on at the gym or on the radio. Hmm. Perhaps, therein lies the problem...

Ice-T and "OG", or Ice Cube-"The Predator"... Yea, you know the score. :-) Of course, none of this is played in the house whilst the little one is awake.


nick said...

yeah amby, check this one.... "midnight chillin' @ am pm
coolin, drinkin apple juice in evil's bm
the sounds up loud to attract attention
armored all tires on a lowered suspension
the nardi to steer with, alpine deck was glowin
bumpin big daddy, the nigga was definetley flowin
i was ridin shotgun, don and hen in back
look through the tint recognized a jack
2 brothers strolled up talkin bout get out
donald d blazed shot one fool through his fuckin mouth
why would they step when they know we're strapped?
i never cruise LA without a gat in my lap."