Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bikes on the brain

so with the new bike comes the possibility of the lads pickin up some scoots as well. Johnny boy is back in the game and ready to roll, here are the top 3 bikes that i think j-man should buy:

The super haut triumph street triple R, such a awesome looking machine. In person this thing is amazing, killer build quality and its not gonna break down every day like the old triumphs

the ducati monser 696, such a cool bike. yep, it'll probably cost you $500 to get a new gas cap, but just look at the thing

and finally, my favorite of the lot. The Ducati sportclassic gt 1000; this thing makes me want to buy some tapered chick jeans, vans and become an urban hipster. just awesome.
c'mon johnny boi, drop in!

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