Tuesday, June 30, 2009

out and about

its cool the places you see while motoring around on your bike; this particular spot is right around the corner from the house and i really never paid it any attention, until the other night. Riding by i thought "that would make a cool photo" so i rolled in, pulled out the iphone and banged off a couple of "moody" shots, turned out pretty rad if i do say so myself

i love you iphone.


Anonymous said...

I liked the shots; but I reckon with your expertise on the image manipulation software could make it sepia toned and then add a single colour element somewhere to make it stand out. Do you remember the old Marlboro advert with a mid-west town and the red Indian motorcycle in the foreground? (I search the web and could not even find a single image of it. Oh well.)

Glad to see you're getting time on the new toy..! :-) Amrit.

Anonymous said...

thanks Amb, and yep i do remember that old marlboro ad. it actually made me want to smoke one day - the power of advertising. the shot was actually done just with the brilliant old camera app for my iphone, i really did nothing - just pressed the button and i was done. I bet Vas Uncle would hate this thing

Did you get the bike yet?