Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a quick break

Spent the weekend in seattle with the family; awesome time. Saw some cool things, ate some great food and even did some sneaker shopping. Highlight of the trip had to the experience music project; which was absolutely amazing. The Hendrix room alone is worth the price of admission, and if you dig music the EMP is a must see. The EMP also features a super cool scifi museum which had a bunch of original Star Trek memorobilia (including Scripts, weapons, etc..) and the Death Star Model used in the filming of Star Wars, sick! I could have spent all day hangin out, but Jai was over it, so.... we moved on. Hitup a little amusement park next to the space needle, super fun, but i forgot about my aversion to spinning rides and spent an hour recouperating from a kiddie ride called the rocket - yes, i am lame.

Jai thought he was Woody from Toy Story so he risked it all when riding this mechanical horse

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