Thursday, April 30, 2009

the cannibal

still on the bike tip is this rad picture of cycling legend, eddy merckx. I've been a huge Merckx fan since i was a kid and would stick pics like this up all over my room. Merckx was nicknamed the "cannibal" as he would devour his competition, and also because he wanted to win everything; which he pretty much did. The dude not only won the tour de france 5 times, he also won all the jersey competitions in the tour and the giro d'talia in the same year + 35 stage wins in the tour; a feat that no one has even come close to matching, bonkers. while going for his 6th tour win some nutjob fan punched him in the kidneys, which was then followed by a crash in which eddy broke his cheekbone. most folks would have packed up and headed home, eddy? he finished 2nd, busted cheekbone an all.
Plus look at those mutton chops he's runnin, total style.

damn kids

back when we were youngen's, me and the boys rode bmx all day long. it was awesome, i remember nan broke the headtube of his bike cuz he jumped it so much, rad. well, so much for our 2 foot high jumps, this cat looks like corey smith and rides like a bat outta hell

Crazy Colt Remix from Banned Vids on Vimeo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

donating to should have left it stock

loyal blog readers seem to be feeling the should have left it stock column. That being the case, if you want to donate a ride to be featured on the column drop me an email @
& i'll post it up for all the world to see. cheese does not stand a chance!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

should have left it stock vol.2

"dude, i want my ride pink. cuz i'm tough but i wanna show the ladies my sensitive side. then we'll add my ed hardy tattoo on the side to toughen it up. then i'll throw on this wing cuz i really notice that i need the extra downforce at 50km/h"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

should have left it stock vol.1

Having lived in the Vancouver area for the past 27 or so years, I have been lucky enough to see some cool things, people and cars. On the flipside, I have also been subjected to many over kitted out rides. So out of this frustration this new column was born, so it is with great pleasure that i present to you "should have left it stock," vol 1. enjoi

yikes, is that a klingon?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

good stuff

so the mock up of my board came in the other day, and i must say i love it. The board was printed on what looks like topsheet material, and is gonna look cool in the living room. not really sure when the real board will be put together, but the ride folks said maybe at the start of next season. Either way, its cool to have this one at the house. thanks to casey and all the folks at ride for putting on the contest and shipping out this mockup to me, much appreciated.

i'm a wiener!

last daze

so the last weekend of the season is upon us and to celebrate we enjoyed a sunny, slushy day at mount seymour. To top off the good times they setup the 2nd annual slush cup where folks would risk getting soaked for a moment of glory. the craziest incident was when some dude ran into the red bull entrance at full speed and ended up breakin his leg, yikes! so long mount seymour, its been a fun season. seeyou again next december

this cat popped a smooth 180 on the way out of the pool, pretty cool.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

nice bikes

so while checking out the limpnicky site the other day i came across some really slick rides from Bling's cycles. now the dude that builds these chops used to work with superstar jesse james @ west coast choppers, but he choose to go out on his own and build rad bikes that the common man can afford; i dig that. the bikes speak for themselves, check em out


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bangers galore

while out with Jai the other day, we came across this gonzo bmw m6. now, i'm not really a bmw fan, and tint is gay, but this thing was nuts. everything blacked out with some massive bbs style wheels, definetley one of the best bm's i've even seen, pure ganster style. check the pics for the proof.

dang, those is some big wheels

Friday, April 10, 2009

you gonna cry sukah!

on the last "man trip" to vegas Naj told me a story about a lion reuniting with its owners after they raised him and hugging them in happiness. I had forgotten about the story until i got this video in an email the other day. after watching the video i couldn't help but think that the dark haired guy must have felt a bit left out as the lion was all over the blond dude. Lions prefer blonds maybe? who knows, maybe blondie hooked him up with more lion treats when he was a pup. whatever the reason,
this ones for Naj, holla!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the cheeseburger

I once got asked the question "if you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one food that you would want?" to which I answered without hesitation "cheeseburgers." yes, I love pizza, sushi, ice cream, cereal and other fine foods but the cheeseburger is a staple in my life. Long time blog readers may remember my post stating that Sophie's Café on 4th makes the best burger in Vancouver, and I still stand strongly behind that claim. That being that case, I took Vera Burger superfan #1, Nan to Sophies to try the goodness. We both ordered the Ultimate burger platters with cheese & 2 cokes; simple but classic at the same time. How was it you ask? Well, for me it was validation that the best burger in vancouver is made by older indian ladies in a jewish owned café on 4th avenue. What did Nan think? Maybe it was the sunshine, or the fact that we were eating on a patio, but in a weak moment Nan declared that it was indeed the best burger that he had ever eaten, only to retract this statement a few moments later. I objected to the retraction, but Nan felt that both restaurants (vera's and sophie's) make equally amazing burgers, but as the condiments on one were different to the other, justifying a winner would be impossible. My argument was the inconsistency of Vera's; yes they do make a great burger, but on occasion the thing gets burned to a crisp, and sometimes the things you order never actually appear on the burger. At Sophies, the burger is consistenly amazing, delivered quickly and never burned. I think we should do an experiment in which burgers should be ordered from both establishments, with exactly the same setups. Only then, in this controlled environment can one declare a winner. Screw that, I declare that Sophies makes the best burger in the world! (well, Vancouver)

Not the actual burger eaten, please use picture as a reference of the awesomeness.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

true snowboards

while riding in the brilliant sunshine yesterday we noticed a bunch of stickers on the chairlift, now i have always wondered if this brand of marketing actually works so i decided to check out the brand behind the sticker. the brand in question is True snowboards; now true snowboards is pretty heavy name, but how is the product you ask.

well, its seems true snowboards is a make it yourself type of idea from overseas. kind of euro style, but a pretty interesting concept.pretty similar to clyde snowboards from calgary. i checked out the site, but honestly it was just too hard to follow, and not designed clearly enough to hold my interest. maybe my expectations were too high, but honestly if you want people to check your product at least have a visually appealing website.

the sticker in question

exile est's - a review

a little late on the review of these binders, but better late than never. so i got to ride the burton exiles on the hero 58 the other day. now these things have all the bells and whistles of 2010 tech, asymetric straps, parkblend baseplate, new highback and they are considered a mellow flexing est binder. the description in the catalog was emmy award winning, and it definetley got me hyped up to ride these things. checking them out, the first thing i noticed was that the est pad was softer than the one on my cartel est's, so that got me hyped. then i set up the bindings and noted 0 forward lean, yep 0 forward lean; as a hater of forward lean, i was over the moon. on snow, these things are great, softer than the cartel est's, but still pretty responsive. also, the straps are super comfy and i digged the new asym strap.
Overall, these things are softer than the cartels, but not as soft as my favorite burton bindings, the missions. definetley comfy, park kiddies will love these things

Thursday, April 2, 2009

nomis X shoes = ?

i first thought this was another (please let them stop) collaboration, but thankfully its not. nevertheless, it looks like the good people at nomis have gotten into the shoe game, and although i find some of their outerwear and streetwear a little over the top, i actually dig these mid tops.

ot pi

back in the day johnny boy and i saw this kerazy bmx trials guy named ot pi. now we didn't know it at the time, but that dood was the elvis of bmx trials. he won a contest and followed it up with the best interview line ever "i just want to ride my bmx forever" johhny and i were hooked, this ones for you j-man

ot's on the left. total style master