Saturday, April 4, 2009

exile est's - a review

a little late on the review of these binders, but better late than never. so i got to ride the burton exiles on the hero 58 the other day. now these things have all the bells and whistles of 2010 tech, asymetric straps, parkblend baseplate, new highback and they are considered a mellow flexing est binder. the description in the catalog was emmy award winning, and it definetley got me hyped up to ride these things. checking them out, the first thing i noticed was that the est pad was softer than the one on my cartel est's, so that got me hyped. then i set up the bindings and noted 0 forward lean, yep 0 forward lean; as a hater of forward lean, i was over the moon. on snow, these things are great, softer than the cartel est's, but still pretty responsive. also, the straps are super comfy and i digged the new asym strap.
Overall, these things are softer than the cartels, but not as soft as my favorite burton bindings, the missions. definetley comfy, park kiddies will love these things

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