Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the cheeseburger

I once got asked the question "if you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one food that you would want?" to which I answered without hesitation "cheeseburgers." yes, I love pizza, sushi, ice cream, cereal and other fine foods but the cheeseburger is a staple in my life. Long time blog readers may remember my post stating that Sophie's Café on 4th makes the best burger in Vancouver, and I still stand strongly behind that claim. That being that case, I took Vera Burger superfan #1, Nan to Sophies to try the goodness. We both ordered the Ultimate burger platters with cheese & 2 cokes; simple but classic at the same time. How was it you ask? Well, for me it was validation that the best burger in vancouver is made by older indian ladies in a jewish owned café on 4th avenue. What did Nan think? Maybe it was the sunshine, or the fact that we were eating on a patio, but in a weak moment Nan declared that it was indeed the best burger that he had ever eaten, only to retract this statement a few moments later. I objected to the retraction, but Nan felt that both restaurants (vera's and sophie's) make equally amazing burgers, but as the condiments on one were different to the other, justifying a winner would be impossible. My argument was the inconsistency of Vera's; yes they do make a great burger, but on occasion the thing gets burned to a crisp, and sometimes the things you order never actually appear on the burger. At Sophies, the burger is consistenly amazing, delivered quickly and never burned. I think we should do an experiment in which burgers should be ordered from both establishments, with exactly the same setups. Only then, in this controlled environment can one declare a winner. Screw that, I declare that Sophies makes the best burger in the world! (well, Vancouver)

Not the actual burger eaten, please use picture as a reference of the awesomeness.


Anonymous said...

after reading that i have to go and eat this burger that has been talked about twice now

nick said...

yeah Naj, you will not be sorry (unless you're a vegetarian)