Monday, May 24, 2010

takin it to another level

Alright I know you’re probably thinking my last post was just filler, but after checking this out you’ll understand why.

Ten years ago Nanny Boy sold his 89 911, and has dreamt about getting behind the wheel of Stuttgart’s best ever since. So much so, that the dude has passed upon all the trivial bullshit that I spend my money on and kept his eyes consistently on the prize. The prize, you say? Well, a couple of weeks ago Nan came across the Sasquatch of Porsche’s; The GT3RS. This shit is essentially a stripped down race car, and is one of the rarest, most amazing pieces of machinery that I have ever been lucky enough to experience. It’s fu*#in fast, loud, and fun as hell.
Checkout the pics for more

Look at that garage! Toight!

Bravo nanny boy, nobody deserves it more than you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

gilby's exiled

gilby clarke is that dude you used to see in the guns n roses video's and thought, "dang, that dude is total rockstar" well, this rockstar is totally down with motorbikes, and from what i gather is a pretty solid dude. Well, Gilby has himself a blog that features his killer exile chop. its sold now, but just look at the thing, scotchbrighted, flat black paint, and no bullshit extras. i love it. too bad he sold the thing

look at that thing, simple, clean and awesome

Monday, May 10, 2010

riding bikes

remember when you were a kid and ridin bikes was the best fun ever. seriously, we would go on these epic journey's, make jumps and do skids everwhere - it was awesome. I remember one time when nan jumped all 3 of us on his bmx. man, parents these days would freak if they saw their kids doin that type of shit.

the video of johnny and i on a mellow bike cruise reminds me of those days; maybe i can round up my siblings and jump em on this bike. whatdya say guys?

bike ridin from nick panesar on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


johnny boy checkin the new biltwell frisco bars that i threw on the bike. i'm backin em' as they give a bit of style without making you look like an idiot (well, thats what i think).

check out that OG 70's bubble shield!

please excuse the shitload of mess in my garage, thanks.

Friday, May 7, 2010

craigslist gems

Craigslist ads always crack me up as people attempt to sell anything and everything. Most recently, my cousin tried to sell some random rocks in his front yard, stating that they “came from a good home.” Well, below are two of my favourite craiglist ads…

The first is the Milf Magnet

Needs a guard duck?

For more awesome “best of” craigslist listings, check em out here

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hells yeah, KP's home!

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KP looking strong as ever, talkin to a somewhat rough lookin tom brokaw about his injuries and hopeful comeback. awesome stuff for a classy kid