Tuesday, June 16, 2009

back from the dead

anyone who knows me, knows this bike; the cannondale. I have had this thing for ages and it is truly responsible for keeping me on the right side of the tracks when I was coming up. Over the years, its seen some neglect and sat in the garage just waiting to be ridden, until now.... taking a page outta the whole fixie scene i threw on some flat bars, new brake levers and finally got the back rim sorted. How does it ride? killer my friends, killer. its great to be back on the road


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I remember that blue streak! It was parked up in the bedroom back in the old house. I can still recall seeing it on the home video that Nain made and sent over years ago. Seems to have lasted real well.

Oh, you may not have heard but I'm in the market for a new bike as well. I'll have to ask you to take a look at the specification. I'll send that on a separate e-mail. I've got a big ride coming up...

Anonymous said...

ahh, those where the days amby, such simple living. oh well

great to hear that you are thinking about getting a bike dood, i have been getting into the whole thing pretty heavy as of late. Still terribly outta shape, but that "feelin" of the wind in your face is still the best shit ever. Johnny boi is also considering getting a bike as well; we should take a picture of our machines and i'll photoshop them together for the blog.


hoon said...

are you now wearing girl jeans and black fingernail polish?