Sunday, November 1, 2009

riding durty

with my bike in the shop and the weather getting colder, we're making every riding day count. Keeping this in mind, Johnny boi came over to work on his nightster. Now this thing is a killer bike and it runs like a bat outta hell. He just got his exhaust heat shields powdercoated black, and we hooked up his turn signal relocation kit. after that we went for a quick spin, with me rollin in Johnny's CRV and J on the hog. soo much fun, shooting pics and rippin it up on the bike. poor johnny froze his ass off, but after a pho soup bath he's back in the game. check the pics for the hotness

after riding this thing, my bike needs the 1200cc engine upgrade, stat!

johnny boi reppin his harley, and my chariot in the background
we also shot a little youtube vid of the day, no crazy boltsaction shit, but serious fun nonetheless, check it here

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next time come by my house