Friday, November 13, 2009

fear and loathing at sema

the annual mancation to las vegas went down last week, and it was some serious fun. all the while the team attempted our best to keep it classy throughout the craziness that is las vegas. through all the fake boobs, personalities and people we checked out the sema show and although it was more scaled down than in past years, it was still fun as hell and even featured some cool bikes. check out the pics for evidence

the legendary ken block dc impreza was in attendance, as was x-games/ nitro circus main man, travis pastrana (who was alot bigger than i thought), real friendly and a super good dude

killer bike at the house of kolor booth. you can't tell from the pics but the whole thing was scotchbrighted, awesome

so dope it deserved 2 shots

all handformed aluminum cafe racer body

zonda, man, zonda

some cool RSD shit

not a big fan of the guy, but a slick jesse rooke bike

the legendary ariel atom.

easily, the best in show.

sick new ford focus. yeah its a bit boy racer, but still cool

the OG bigfoot truck! that little dude in front of him was about to get crushed

i love ya Las Vegas. until next year....

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Anonymous said...

I like the one Nain is standing next to and the one before that. However, they are quite long motorbikes. Wheels are a bit weird; don't really suit the rest of the look.

I would love to drive that Aerial Atom. Remember my passion for the Lotus Elise?!

The last Ford Focus is out over here; called the Focus RS. Too much power through the front wheels though. Silly insurance costs as well...