Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bike show ho eleven!

A little late on this one, but a couple of weeks back Johnny boy and i made the annual pilgrimage to the motorcycle show. yeah, it's still miserable outside, but the bike show is like the kick off for the season; and despite the doo rags, leather vests and wolf shirts the show was actually pretty good. check out the pics for the highlights

pretty nice fatbob low

panhead, shovelhead, knuckle head, blah blah - nice bike nonetheless

easily, the best part of the show - no9 cycles stand

told ya

yep, told ya again

yep, its true. best bikes of the show

even ace cafe london was there

they bought along this amazing triumph

johnny boy testing out forward controls on the harley 48, not bad

cool little nightster with biltwell keystone bars

super cool ducati

i dig KTM, and here is their latest crotch rocket

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