Friday, January 28, 2011

Essential Hype up - The Sports Boys

These days everyone has a blog, and most are just some egocentric dick spouting their opinions on anything and everything (kinda like this blog). While that’s the case, every now and then there's some good stuff.

Recently my nephew, Rajan and his homie put together a cool sport’s blog called "The Sports boys" – “Sports boys” is a well written, funny little blog celebrating the best and worst of the NBA. Right now the youngbloods are putting together their best 100 players list. Being born in the 90's, you'd think the boys would only include KG, Kobe and Lebron in their 100 list, but that’s not the case as these dudes are taking it old school and dropping names like Stackhouse, Twyman and one of the best ever, Alonso Morning. Not only that, the boys have player stats for all you stat nerds + a cool little poll about Jordan and which team would have allowed him to win the most rings. On top of that, the boys put together a cool little piece about my favorite NBA team of all time; the New York Knicks - which honestly is worth a checkout of the blog alone.

While you may think that I am just hyping this site as it's my nephew's and that’s party true. But honestly, Rajan is a cool kid, who always impresses me for his commitment to his scene. Seriously, when the dude is into something, he's all in. now half ass crap, or "I’m on the fence" stuff. Recently he told me that he wanted to get into sports broadcasting, which I was hyped on. Next thing you know, he puts together a well written, well researched sports blog - now you tell me how many young bucks are doing that? Not many, that’s for sure. Yeah, I would much rather he become a rock star, but as long as he gives me a shout out while hosting Sports Centre, I got his back.

yeah, the kid loves gary "the glove" payton, but i can't hold that against him, hah!


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the shout out and hype for Rajan, that kid's got class and grace. You called it, his all in or nothing, remember his electric guitar period and his dedication to the rolling stones? The kid's are alright...
OT Pi.

TheGlove_20 said...

i still play guitar and wanna be a musician but sportswriting is easier and i love it


Anonymous said...

Rajan, well done! I'll check out the blog. Keep up the good work!


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