Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Essential Eating - La Taqueria

the other day Jai and i were cruising around the city looking for some cool eating spots. Yeah, we saw the usual fare: pizza joints, donairs, etc.. etc.. things looked bleak until we came across La Taqueria. Now this place is right at the foot of skid central on hastings, so first off don't expect a valet

walking into the place i felt like i was guy fieri from diners, drive in's and dives as its not the most swanky place. while thats the case, it does have some cool mexican decor, with a couple of day of the dead skulls, and bandito memorobillia

Jai got his classic cheese quesidilla and i hooked up the 4 taco platter; with two Pescado (grilled fish w/ pico de gallo), one Pollo con Mole (chicken w/ chocolate mole sauce) and one carnitas (pork w/ picked red onion). My favourite had to be the fish, with the chicken and chocolate mole sauce close behind. and yes, i did say chocolate sauce. i know it may sound wack, but just try it. click here for the rest of the menu
when the food came it was fresh, authentic and super tasty. One thing i digged was that they had a selection of legit hot sauces and guacamole that you can add yourself. Jai went nuts and piled on a tangy hot sauce which he loved, while i backed a spicier medly w/ guacamole to calm the burn.

not my food, as i did not have time to take pics. but i jacked it from the site to give an example

while the food is great, it's not a ton of food, so you big eaters may still be hungry. But for me, it was just enough to tide me over until we hit up dairy queen on the way home. hola!

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