Friday, February 26, 2010

the Ride DH; another somewhat unbiased test

We finally got some snow on the local hills and I jumped at the chance to test out my Ride DH deck. Conditions were some seriously wet powder, and some chop here and there. I mounted up the deck with my Union force bindings, as I have been riding them mostly this season and wanted to keep things familiar.

dang, i have some wierd legs

I had heard a lot about the pop stixs, cleave edge and slimewall sidewalls that this board has, and being the naysayer that I am thought it was all bunch of shit. While I can’t really comment on the rest, I do have to say that the pop stix were something. The board just had more snap to it, and was super lively; it was awesome. Having ridden a few rockered decks here and there I just dig traditional camber so much more, as the boards just have so much more snap; and the DH is all about snap.

The deck is marketed as a mid flex deck, and I found that the description was pretty much right on. It’s easy to press and butter around, but without being too soft so that it doesn’t hold up at speed. Additionally, it was stable at speed despite my size.

The other thing that hyped me up on this deck was the base. Ride’s Fusion 4000 base is nuts, and is easily the best I have ridden. Flat traverses were a breeze, and the board just ripped.

Having never ridden a Ride deck before I really did not know what to expect, but after spending a day on it, I was really impressed. The deck is fast, super light and poppy; everything you need for a good time on the hill. I’m sold on it.

And I know what you are saying “would he really say that if he didn’t get the board for free?” honestly, I’ve haven’t considered a Ride deck since the Jeff Brushie pro model back in the day, so odds are that I probably would not have had the opportunity to even ride one. Having ridden one now, I can see why so many back the brand as they make some solid proddy.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome, glad to hear you like the new board! Too bad I just missed you on the hill, would've been wicked to have ridden a few runs with you, and to check out the new board.

PS: If you want fast, take my Concept TMS for a day... Or check out a Nitro! The base on the Team is even quicker than the TMS, from what I've found so far (haven't had great conditions to test either in), but it doesn't have the stability to give it a solid comparison with the Gullwing camber, though it's a super playful board.