Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tyson, son!

I’ve always been down with Mike Tyson; yeah, the dude is a trainwreck at times, and he blew 300 million on chicks, booze and drugs. But seriously, when this dude was in his prime he was truly the most ferocious, intense and exciting boxer around. Back then he was the man; video games, music videos, cash money, Mike was killing it. Then just like Michael Jackson, people tore him down. I’m not saying that Mike had nothing to do with his collapse, simply that there was so many people trying to bring this kid down that in the end that’s exactly what happened.
The other night I checked out the killer Tyson documentary, and was impressed with Mike’s honestly. The dude just says what he feels in every situation, and then gets chastised for it. If you were, or are a Tyson fan or even if you not, check out the Tyson flick, you’ll definitely learn more about the man and the events that made him the way he is.

To end off, here’s Mike doling out some serious shit talk, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

the best is when he was dont talk to me unless you wanna ok

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