Wednesday, October 20, 2010

muy caliente!

i think its clear that other than motorcycles, snowboarding and chillin; i love to eat, and these days there is nothing that i like better than mexican food, peperred with some good quality hot sauce, mmmm.

so the other day, Jai and i are cruising about and come across this place called Chronic Taco located on Broadway and Cambie in Vancouver. First off, this place is easily the cleanest and slick looking mexican place i have ever been to. Next up, it was time to order - Fish burritos are my personal favourite right now and the choice was either beer battered, or grilled(awesome right). Grilled was the choice of the day, served up baja style.

how was it you ask? freakin awesome, and easily the best burrito i have ever had. yes, hipsters will say that budgies off main is better, but i have to disagree. To add to the tasty burrito was the selection of hot sauce's on every table; with my favourite being the gringo bandito, which is offspring frontman, dexter hollands own hot sauce brand.

after checking out the place, the family and i have returned for more on 6 different occassions, and each time its been banger. Yep, the name is wack, but if you dig on good quality mexican food the chronic is where its at.

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