Thursday, October 7, 2010

dan brisse is a beast!!

I know you’ve heard it before, but seriously Dan Brisse is savage. His part in the new Absinthe flick truly showcases Dan’s insane shred abilities and balls to the wall riding; straight up, it’s truly worth the price of the flick by itself.

In an age when dancing on the rails is the trend, I dig Dan’s fu#$ you approach to jibbing; 100% commitment to every move, with no wavering or hesitation + the guy can also slay a back country kicker.

just look at that gap, freakin bonkers

Overall, Now/Here is a solid flick and I liked it much better than last years Absinthe movie; yep the soundtrack did not work for me, but that usually the way it is with absinthe stuff so what can you do. As for highlights, pretty much everyone has good parts, including an amazing one from last year’s ender Bode Merrill. Also of note is the YES snowboards crew of DCP, JP Solberg and Tadashi Fuse, as they all have killer sections with RDM having his best that I have seen in a while.

for a solid brisse summer edit, check this out
Dan Brisse Summer Camp Full Part

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Nose Dradamous said...

Agree 90%. My ole ass liked the soundtrack for some reason. Annie's part - redonkuloss. Blair, Bode and Dan's were the highlights for sure.