Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gastown Show n' Shine Part 3

As is tradition on the blog, we hitup the annual Gastown motorcycle show and shine. While I am not a show bike guy, Nan has been breakin my balls for the past year to enter my bike into the show as there really is no sporty presence whatsoever. So I convinced Johnny boy to join me and we dropped into the show.

Being total newbies to the motorcycle show scene both John and I wondered how the judging worked, and what category we would be put in. To both of our surprise, J-man and I got lumped into the ever popular “bobber” category, and as a result we were in a pretty huge category as everything that didn’t seem to fit the mold got lumped into the same category. Weird classifications aside, Johnny boy pulled out the surprise 2nd place, which was awesome. Again, we were both shocked as hell, but I must say that John’s bike indeed deserved it. The details and the work on his bike are second to none, nice work J-man, you killed it! Until next year Gastown…. I didn't take my camera so john was on picture patrol, testing out his new nikon. nice pics dude

you get the feeling that the sportbike guy likes monster energy drink?

The line-up getting in

Rad sporty

Although it was not my thing, the work on this bike was nuts. It looked like it was right out of a cartoon

johnny’s backing the springer’s

Dig the tank art

These bmw’s were crazy and apparently all owned by the same guy. He brings em in via flatbed, wack.

yeah, yeah I know you’re thinking what’s with the old man bike? But I really dig these things

the bikes!

the bike

To the winner go the spoils!

check the new trend hipsters, 3 pairs of wayfarer's at one time! top that bitches!

a tad harsh wouldn’t you say

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