Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hide Motorcycles, Hai!

Pretty sure I’ve posted about Hide Motorcycles from Japan before; as their bike the Mod Chop definitely needed to be blogged about. Well, while trying to kill time the other day I came across a video of one of Hide’s newest builds: the Strike Narrow Eagle chop. Now, after watching the video countless times, I declare the narrow chop my new favorite bike. Yeah, I don’t get suicide shifters, and I would probably look like a grizzly bear humping a rabbit if I was riding it, but still – the white rims, the paint job, the bars all just do it for me. The video is also pretty cool as the dude does some cool moves on the bike as well as almost putting it into oncoming traffic when he does a burn out, RAW!!!!!

Homie is running the most chic helmet of the day as well, the bell moto 3 (click the link, and yes, that dude wants $445 for a 30 year old helmet), hop on it hipsters!

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LandMan said...

so dope. they have some of the best builds!