Monday, August 24, 2009

land or death!

saw the movie CHe over the weekend, and just had to give it a hype up on the blog. For those of you who may live in a hole; Che is the story of revolutionary Ernesto "che" Guevarra who (along with Fidel Castro and crew) launched a military revolution to overthrow the currupt Government of Cuba.
Now the movie "che" features Benecio Del Toro in the role of CHe, and he does an absolutley amazing job. His portayal of one of the most influential people in history is brilliant, and everything from the style to the chronic asthma that Che suffered is spot on.
as for the movie, it is amazingly shot & Steven Soderberg really put together a epic flick. yep, its long (4 hours +) and some parts are slow so if you have ADD you'll think it sucks. but for those who dig brilliantly shot film with amazing acting you'll dig it.

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