Monday, April 12, 2010

livin the dream

Johnny boy and I did a full pull riding around the city the other day. rippin it up, and keepin it classy at the same time. to cap it off, J-man and i hitup 4th ave for easily the best coffee in the city; 49th parallel. Ohhh yeah, that shit was the best

yeah, it probably cost Johnny boy $19 for two coffee's, but that cup of coffee my friend was pure awesomeness.

livin the dream my friends...


Anonymous said...

sour cherry torte and two brewed individually coffee's..The best $20 i've ever spent, well apart from vegas :) Epic day of riding, till next time.

Anonymous said...

y was i not invited :(
naj lol

Anonymous said...

you're always invited Naj, that shit was just a luck of the draw type of ride. If the weather is good this weekend, we'll hit it up again, u down?