Sunday, June 13, 2010


i've never been that into guns n' roses, yeah i know all the words to patience and a couple of other "hits" but they really weren't my thing; as Axl just seemed like a freak. While that was the case, i always thought that slash was the most interesting cat of the band. I remember seeing him on some awards show back in the day with duff drunk outta his mind and droppin F bombs all over the place; it was nuts.

here's the awards show in question. it was so much more crazy seeing this when i was in elementary school

fast forward a few years and i see slash doin some interviews here and there & despite his massive rock star status, i was impressed with how mellow and down to earth this dude seems to be. I then came across his biography (aptly names Slash) and thought i would pick it up after hearing some great things about it.

How was it you ask? well, if you ever wanted to know what caused the collapse of GnR, this book is a must read. Additionally, Slash talks about the start of the band, plus all the details of their debautchery; including downing a gallon of Vodka a day, oxycontin, speedballs, and a million other sordid tales of drug/booze binges that take the word excessive to another level. You also get to read about all the chicks, parties and life as a struggling rock star.

Overall, i digged the book. its funny, shocking and as real as it gets. Plus you get to understand what it takes to "make it" as one of the biggest bands in the world. If you're around, feel free to borrow my copy or if you are not don't be a cheap bastard and go buy it.


Anonymous said...

dude i remember watching that too and my dad fucking blowing up with laughter!


nick said...

your dad is rad Doc, simple and plain. my folks were shocked and repulsed by the whole thing